Monday, December 31, 2012

What is big.LITTLE Processing?

The word "big.LITTLE" sounds familiar if you haven't slept under a rock for few weeks back. So many questions popping up in mind, what does it mean? how it works? why it's so important?..etc
Rumors brought this word back in to the stage saying Samsung's next years flagship, which is Galaxy S iv to feature an Octa Core processor with big.LITTLE technology. Lets find out what's this all about.

big.LITTLE is a processor architecture found by ARM Holdings in October 2011. Since they have launched the Cortex-A7 processor ,which is architectural wise compatible with the Cortex-A15 processor, big.LITTLE processing revealed to the world.
"The Right Processor for the Right Job" was the title ARM used to describe the meaning of big.LITTLE architecture. The "big" stands for the powerful high performance Cortex-A15 cores and "LITTLE" for the entry level power efficient Cortex-A7 cores. Due to their architectural similarities, these cores can seamlessly switch between one and another according to the workload. The diagram below can explain the process.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sony Xperia Walkman Concept for Music Lovers

Sony is well known company for their crisp displays and audio quality. Since they have started manufacturing smartphones,thousands of Sony fans got the chance to put their best music and audio in to there pockets. Sony Ericsson Walkman series was the most popular among the music lovers. But after the change of name "Sony Ericsson" to "Sony" the Walkman series was also sent to the grave along with the "Ericsson" part. It's sad to see Sony didn't made a special phone with high end music capabilities for music lovers out there. Although most high end Sony handsets features a great music enhancements,there could be people who doesn't like to own a high end device. The Xperia Walkman Concept is just for the people who worship Music.

Music playback and the quality is a key factor to consider about when buying a new smartphone. Many people tend to leave this factor if planning to buy a Sony device. It's quite ok ,as Sony already crowned in the music industry. Other Companies like Samsung, Nokia and HTC also joined the competition recently but only Samsung went ahead by introducing "Galaxy Music", the small handset with great music and audio standards. 
So i have designed this Walkman handset to show how cool it would be if Sony managed to give us a "music only" phone.

The concept has the traditional Sony design with glossy plastic along with the new round side buttons which Sony introduced with Xperia E. No physical capacitive keys on the front,just the screen has occupied most of the front area with front facing camera,sensors and the Xperia branding at the bottom. Top of the device is sloped to front side just like in Xperia T and J and you can see a 3.5mm audio port and a speaker grill besides in the middle.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chat Room Search Bot for Nimbuzz

Greetings Nimbuzzers!

Chat rooms are the most outstanding feature of Nimbuzz and i don't think you will disagree with me if i say chat rooms are the heart of Nimbuzz, pumping life to it. Since the Android version got the taste of chat rooms, users problems solved up to 75% but still some bugs and issues we can see such as it doesn't load more than ten rooms in search mode. So this post will be help for Android users a lot more than the others client users.

Room search bot was developed by our good old Nimbuzzer ultimate zero. He is hoping to develop more bots for Nimbuzz to make things more easy for us. Lets give a big thumbs up for zero. I have tried this bot and found out that, it's really easy to use, has user friendly commands and have amazing features.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nvidia to showcase Tegra 4 Processor at CES 2013

It seems Nvidia isn't planing to launch the successor to Tegra 3 processor this year. Rumors says that, Nvidia is hoping to debut the new Tegra 4 processor at upcoming CES 2013 tech keynote. It might be true since we saw the Roadmap of Nvidia Tegra lineup shows 2012 Q4 to 2013 Q1 will be the time period Nvidia to launch "Wayne" chip which is to be called as Nvidia Tegra 4.
The performance of the new chip is reportedly super fast than the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro which uses four Krait cores. It's not a amazing fact since Tegra 4 is expected to feature four Cortex A-15 based cores and a one companion core  to manage power. It's clear that Nvidia will give a good fight to other competitors like Qualcomm,Ti-OMAP and Exynos.

Nvidia Tegra 4 is supposed to perform twice as fast as the Tegra 3 and ten times faster than Tegra 2 dual core. Next, it comes to the graphic processing side. What will Nvidia plan to improve the graphics? Well, According to Nvidia, they have Testing a "Kepler" architecture based GPU instead of ULP Geforce GPU.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Symbian Donna powered Nokia N10 Concept

The word "Technology"plays a main role in the lifestyle of modern human. As the technology gets more sophisticated ,we must get used to it and take the maximum advantage instead of living with out dated technology. One such things are Smartphones, not like those days, now we can do almost anything with this device that fits in our pocket. When it comes to Mobile phone manufacturing,there is one name that we will never forget. NOKIA, the Finnish giant. Nokia ruled the smartphone world for ages but now seems to have a little downfall as there were new competitors emerged like Apple,Samsung and Sony.

Before talk about the Concept, i want to express my idea about the future of Nokia. We know that Nokia made an alliance with Microsoft in recent past and started manufacturing smartphones which runs Microsoft Windows Phone. But the problem came when rumors spread on the internet saying Microsoft is making a Surface smartphone to follow the Surface branding.when this happened Nokia already dumped the Meego project, which is a Linux based OS project. So, What will happen to Nokia if Microsoft really make surface smartphone? The answer to that question maybe hidden in this Concept i have imagined. Meet the Nokia N10, a powerful smartphone with Echo Friendly capabilities.

If you check the UI on the screen, you will remember the leaked video of Nokia Air. That video inspired me very much to design this concept. Just like i mentioned on above, What will Nokia do to stay in the race after leaving Meego? their main OS Symbian is not up to date to compete with other mobile OS's such as Android and iOS. But in the leaked Nokia Air promo video, The UI in the Nokia device drew Symbian users crazy. they suspected including my self, it could be the upcoming Symbian OS.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jolla Sailfish OS powered Nokia Concept Phone

There are so many mobile operating systems out there, Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone are the most popular among the people as they used in a wide range all over the world. I'll take Android as the King of mobile OSs now. Have you ever thought some one will develop an OS to beat Android? well Jolla team has developed there new upgrade of Meego and named it as "Sailfish" OS. now the point is Sailfish OS looks like a Hybrid of Android and Windows Phone. Jolla team was able to demonstrate the new OS last week and it was so simple looking and no lags at all. So what i think is Jolla OS can give a fight with Android if it's get more further development.

Since Nokia dumped the Meego project, the developers didn't lose their hope for a Linux based mobile OS. They have successfully build the Sailfish OS and teasing Nokia now. I have made a concept for the Sailfish OS and it was running on a Nokia device. What i want to show you is how awesome it will be if Nokia didn't dump the Meego project. 

As you can see in the above image, i have used some Nokia technologies such as Pureview to the device. The design is also change to curved edges,not like the fully rectangular designs Nokia using nowadays for their flagships. I have seen many users saying that they need a physical keyboard for Meego based phones,i don't know the reason why they desperately want a one. so i have added a Sliding keypad as well. Lets see the full list of specifications.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sony Xperia Yuga Concept

As a Sony Mobile fan, i love making concepts under their branding. This time i made a concept for upcoming  Xperia "Yuga" flagship. If you are a good mobile tech fan,you might seen the leaked images of Xperia Yuga couple of weeks ago, the flagship has the code name C6603 and looks very slim. What i imagined is little bit different from the leaked images and totally fresh design which is bit similar to Xperia S from design.check it out !
The concept has almost all the sony technologies and compete with the high end "phablets" like Samsung Galaxy Note II and HTC Droid DNA. What's interesting in this concept is it features a 13 Mega Pixel Exmor RS sensor with 1080p HDR video recording. sony announced the Exmor RS mobile sensors last august and i thought adding a one might look handy. we all know Sony is leading companies with imaging devices and lenses. So! lets see the full specification list.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sony Xperia W Concept by me

With the official launch of Microsoft Windows Phone 8 yesterday, i thought to make a smartphone concept that powered by the new Windows Phone 8. We haven't seen a Sony made Windows Phone device as Sony keep Android as there OS partner. But what if Sony's awesome hardware powered by Windows Phone 8 ? That's what came to my mind. Introducing Sony Xperia W, Quad Core smartphone.

I used the Sony's latest mobile designs to make the concept.on the front side it's bit similar to Xperia T. Compact design is the main attraction of Sony i also want to give the same attraction to Xperia W .you can see the detailed specifications below.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nimbuzz Windows Phone 1.2.0 UI Concept

Here is my Latest UI concept. This time i choose Windows Phone version. Nimbuzz launched a brand new version (1.0) for Windows Phone last Month but surprisingly it doesn't have some important features like VOIP,Group Chat..etc.  The Concept here Based on version 1.2.0 which is not available yet.

So Lets Start with the 1st feature i have can see a home screen above.yes, since Windows Phone UI is based on live tiles,adding a home screen might look after the login,user will redirect to this home screen where user can select the option he want.N world tile and VOIP local call dialer tile are at the bottom.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Updating Nimbuzz on Pre-installed Devices

Greetings Nimbuzzers!
This article is for the Nimbuzzers who use pre-installed Nimbuzz Application on their devices.most of Micromax handsets and Lava A9 handset has pre-installed Nimbuzz since last year but they are not most device Nimbuzz 1.7.2 was pre-installed and now we have the latest version of 1.9.5 with lot of new features.

Just like the other pre-installed apps Nimbuzz also cannot removed/uninstalled from your you cannot installed a new Nimbuzz file due to the existence of the app name.
Here is the solution to this issue.all you need, is to open the Nimbuzz.jar file and edit a file inside it.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nimbuzz Java 2.0 Concept by Me

Nimbuzz Symbian gave a New look to Nimbuzz by introducing a Home Screen in grid view.i thought to gave the same feature to Nimbuzz Java version as well.the idea here is to make nimbuzz java client more reliable for users. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spy Bot for Nimbuzz

Hi there Nimbuzzers, it's been a quite while i'm posting here. One of our Nimbuzzer has made a cool Bot for us. Introducing the "Spy Bot", a bot that can steal Nimbuzz avatars, personal messages and more.
If you like to grab the avatar image of some one eles, you might need a avatar grabber software or type the url on your browser,but if you are a mobile user,Spy Bot will help you to steal the others avatar with just few commands.check some more features of the bot.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Facebook Phone Concept by Michal Bonikowski

There was a rumor spread quickly throughout the internet saying Facebook is planing to launch their own Smartphone by next year. This news made the concept designers to create new concepts for Facebook handset. Here is a result of that. Michal Bonikowski,the famous designer has imagined a blue color smartphone with a big screen.

Well it really does look like Michal used the HTC form factor and Nokia Lumia or N9 form factor to create the Facebook phone. Considering the overall design,the blue handset looks great with it's simple design. no much features on back side,just the 8 Mega Pixel camera and guess there are two LED flashers.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Leaked Parts of The Next iPhone ?

6th generation iPhone is the hottest topic in mobile tech world these days. Some images which believes to be the parts of next iPhone has been released to the internet. The images are leaked couple of days ago,but i was waited till more news rolled out to make a post.

Till now, images of the out side frames were leaked and we can predict some facts with them.check out the other leaked images.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New iPhone Concept by Toby Kick

Upcoming Apple iPhone became the target of many concept designers around the world. Rumors are spreading quickly for such a device as many users expecting totally different iPhone from Apple this year. We have seen some iPhone concepts before and most of them had 4inch or higher screen and liquid metal body. The concept now i'm going to share is also having the same features. Meet "The New iPhone" made in Germany.

The concept is a design of Toby Kick. He's the senior editor,3D artist and creative director of  the famous German website "iTopnews". I guess he used the name "The New iPhone" due to the name of the third generation iPad ("The New iPad")Apple had launched. But still people used to call it as iPad 3,so if Apple made the same naming to the upcoming iPhone,i'm pretty much sure people will call it as iPhone 5. So lets see whats cool in this concept.

View Sinhala Fonts or any Other Bitmap Fonts in Opera mini

Hi there tech fans! I'm posting this tutorial for the Sri Lankans, who's having problems in viewing sinhala fonts in Opera mini browser.As i know most mobile users,using Opera mini or Opera Mobile to brows internet on their mobiles.but if you are not a English reader,you will get in to the trouble of reading content on internet written with you native language.

Here is a toutorial, how to enable the bitmap font settings on the browser to view bitmap fonts.i have used Opera mini 7.0 (Opera mini next) the unreleased version to demonstrate the tutorial.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Love Bot For Nimbuzz Chat Rooms

Hi there nimbuzzers! Here's another bot for your Nimbuzz chat room.This time a bot ,that can calculate the love and hate between two people.not like the race bot i posted need of administrator ID needed to control the bot.
Type the bot ID in "BOT ID" tab without at the end.then type the bot ID password in the 'Password" tab.then click on login button.if you ID successfully connected to the Nimbuzz server,there will be a green colour notification saying login successful.
Then type the chat room name,which you like your bot ID to enter.make sure not to type at the on "Join Room" button,so the bot will enter the room.

Bot Command for Calculate Love

.love<space><First Persons Name><space><Second Persons Name>
example :- .love Sanjaya Rebeil

Bot Command For Calculate Hate

.flames<Space><First Persons Name><Space><Second Persons Name>
example :- .flames Sanjaya Cali

After having fun with Love "Leave Room" and "Logout"


NOTE : if you face any errors in opening the application,try updating Microsoft .Net Framework to the latest version.

Happy Nimbuzzing !

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy One Concept by Laura & Charles

Hi there tech lovers,i was kind of busy with my stuff for couple of days,so i couldn't post any threads about new smartphone concepts which poped out recently. And Today i got a new Tablet concept to share with you.This will be a milestone in Tablet concepts due to the built in projector in the Tablet.This is the first tablet concept i have seen with a built in projector.
Meet Samsung Galaxy One ,a unique Tablet design by Laura and Charles. they selected Samsung as the brand,maybe because there are some Samsung smartphones already with built in projectors like Samsung Beam. and they selected Windows 8 as the OS. Here is the fresh render.
According to the Makers,Galaxy One is a combination of three characteristics of tablet,desktop and laptop.Galaxy One Hardware specs are not mentioned.they kept focus on projector,physical features and the has dimensions of 305mm x195mm x 14mm and two feet stand.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nokia Shuts Down Symbian Carla

Have you remembered the post about leaked Symbian Carla screenshots? in case you missed it check the post from here :Symbian Carla Screenshots.
If you are Symbian Belle user,you might have dreamed seeing upcoming Symbian update "Carla" running on your device.but time to say good bye to that sweet dream.Nokia Officials said that Symbian Carla has been cancelled.
An Italian Nokia fan website,Nokialino had a conversation with the product marketing manager in south Europe ,Mathias Fiorin and in this discussion he said Symbian Carla has been shut down. According to Mathias Fiorin,Symbian Belle will be the last Major update for Symbian family to get.

Nimbuzz PC 2.3 Features (Unreleased)

Greetings Nimbuzzers! This time i got a hot news for the PC users out there.we know nimbuzz released a PC version(for Microsoft Windows) with chat rooms again after 3 years.but it still has some issues. most people complaining that they cant enter rooms,so nimbuzz already made a newer version for Microsoft Windows platforms which still not released to public with the fixed bugs and issues.
Seems good time for PC client is started. NImbuzz team working hard to give a better chatting experience to the desktop,notebook users. Also the upcoming version will be integrated with some useful features,which we expected for a quite long time ago.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Race Bot for Nimbuzz Chat Rooms

Hi Nimbuzzers, Here is a tool to have fun in your chat room with a running race event.all you need is an admin id(not a chat room admin) for control the bot and another id for bot.

Type the bot id without in the "BOT ID" tab and type the password below and click login button so the bot can connect to the nimbuzz server.
Type the bots admin id also without in "BOT Admin ID" tab and type the chatroom name which you want to use the bot ,without at the end.then click the join button so the bot will join the room you have given in the "Chat Room Name" tab.

The bot follows the orders by admin only. only two commands are programmed for the bot.

.game rule : bot will tell the game rules
.start : start the race.

you can change the game settings  by the program as you like.every uses must type star (*) to participate the race and one * equals to 10m. 


NOTE : if you face any errors in opening the application,try updating Microsoft .Net Framework to the latest version.

Happy Nimbuzzing !

Motorola Bee Concept by JoyStudios

This is actually an old concept came out Q1 of last year. But i found out it looks interesting even it's kind of old and maybe there are people who didn't see this here it is ,Motorola Bee ,a smartphone which runs Android Honeycomb, probably the first Motorola concept to run Honeycomb OS.Motorola Bee is a creation of JoyStudios and it looks really alive and realistic.
 Bee device is bit similar to Motorola Atrix,you can see the formfactor and the back side design is so much similar to Atrix.the name "Bee" is used by creators,maybe due to it's Honeycomb OS.Bee features really good high end specs when compared to the other concepts rolled out last year.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MK 802 Android PC

Mini computers came to the era few years ago.even though most had low end specs,they were very useful to number of people through out the world. Here is the next generation of the mini computers. a Chinese technology manufacturer has made a mini computer with Android 4.0 ICS pre installed. MK 802, an USB flash drive looking, mini computer.

Mk 802 mini PC has upgraded specs than the other mini PCs out must connect the MK 802 to a display and connect a wireless mouse and a keyboard to get fully functioned.unlike the FXI USB mini PC, you need to use a cable to connect MK 802 to a TV,or to any other display instead of stick it in to display.lets go through some specifications of MK 802

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chameleon Home Screen for Android Tablets

Are you bored with your Android tablets home screen? Many people will say yes,Android Touch wize UI  is there in most Android tablets but it's not that much impressive,thanks to the Chameleon project,now you can have a better home screen for your android tablet.introducing Chameleon Home Screen.
This App will replace your Android home screen and gives you a eye catching, reliable and a useful home screen. The best feature is Chameleon can identify the times of the day and change the info and apps on the home screen according to the specific time. For example in the mornings it shows the weather,your daily schedule,feeds form social networks..etc and in evening it shows music options,social media kind of things so you don't need to surf deep in your tablet to find such content.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nimbuzz mini XML Sender

Here is a cool tool to send XML scripts to a Nimbuzz id from your Windows computer.if you don't know how to use XML compilers on PC jabber clients,this might be handy.

Type your Nimbuzz id without on the "User Jid" tab and type your password on the "password" tab. it's not necessary to fill the "Resource" tab,keep it empty and click connect.once you have successfully connected to the server you will get a message window ,saying you are successfully connected.if not you may done a mistake.
copy XML scripts on the empty tabs below the connect buttons and click on "send".

Thanks to the Programmers Asi Firtina and Pesimist_61x

Download the XML sender from HERE

NOTE : if Application not working,try update . Net framework to latest version.

Happy Nimbuzzing!!!

iPhone 5+ Concept by ADR Studio

Galaxy S III concepts are done,now it's time for the next Apple iPhone.ADR studio presents you another iPhone concept with a ultra slim design with an edge to edge display.Antonio De Rosa at ADR studio is the owner of the concept and we know he is never ceases to make people amazed by his stunning unique Apple designs.This time he made iPhone+ ,here is the fresh render.
The name of the next iPhone is still not confirmed.however fans are saying it might be named as "the new iPhone"just like Apple named their new generation iPad.but Antonio thought "iPhone+" will be a good name for his concept,just like the Macintosh + introduced in 1986.lets go through some specs of the device.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Samsung Smartphone Concept by Tolu Falope

Samsung is well known for making attractive build designs for their smartphones. but with the release of Galaxy S III,people start to have doubts for Samsung build designs.i have seen some Samsung fans making designs how they want Galaxy S III to be designed.
Here is a concept made by Tolu Falope, maybe hes trying to show Samsung how should they made handset design.

If you take a close look at the concept,you can see Tolu used a combination of  Sony Experia and HTC ONE X design for the device.the rear camera has the HTC ONE X look and the front side is similar to a Sony Experia device.the poped out metallic edges on rear top and bottom gives a stable look for the concept on a flat surface. Lets see some specs Tolu added to his design

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nimbuzz Symbian 3.4.0 Features (Unreleased)

Hi nimbuzzers,i have a news to share with you all about the unreleased Symbian version of  Nimbuzz.we know many users had so many difficulties in using the latest 3.3.1 version on Symbian Belle updated handsets.Nimbuzz launched the 3.3.0 update after a long time since the release of 3.2.0 version,but it was kind of disappointing update for the users honestly.scrolling between active chats was not in the update and many users installed 3.2.0 old version again. at this time Nokia was planing to release Belle update and after the launch of Nimbuzz 3.3.0 Symbian belle was released.
This is the place went wrong,even the 3.3.1 version was not optimized to run smoothly on Belle OS.there were many bugs such as no end button for VOIP calls,landscape mode does not fit to screen ..etc. and now Nimbuzz going to release 3.4.0 version with bunch of new features and  fixed bugs for Symbian Belle platform.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peek Tab : Worlds First Spyware Monitoring App For Tablets

Tablets becoming famous among the people with the technologies and features of them is getting better than smartphone specs.tablet usage is massively increasing around the world and the same time threats like virus,malware also join this companies already developed antivirus and anti malware apps but there were no app to monitor your tablet for spyware.
Retina X Studios gives a solution to this problem.if you want to know the tablet activities of your child or a employee just install the Peek Tab app specially developed for Monitor Tablet activities.
Peek Tab is a hybrid software specially developed for parents and employers to monitor their kids and has a unique way to record activities such as web browsing history,GPS location and emails stealthy on the device on every boot-up.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

TIZEN OS Will no Longer Live as a Beta Version

Guess what? It's another operating system for mobile platforms.Tizen OS is a result of teamwork by two great tech manufacturers Samsung and intel and it's more than a mobile OS,developers planing to run the OS in notebooks,tablets and in vehicle infotainment devices.Tizen is an opensource mobile OS developed under Linux foundation.
Tizen was Tested as a Beta version and now finally out of Beta and came in to real world as "Tizen 1.0 Larkspur".
Rumors say Samsung GT-19500 will be the 1st flash-ship to run Tizen preinstalled.aslo Tizen SDK has been updated,if you interested in developing for Tizen,click the link bottom of the post. check out the screenshots of Tizen OS.

Wrath of the Titans

Gameloft has developed the mobile game of the movie wrath of titans and letting you to become Perseus and embark on a treacherous quest into the underworld to rescue god Zeus, who was captured by his traitorous son, Ares, and his brother, Hades.
There are 8 chapters in the game filled with adventures.fight with enemies like makhai,harpies and get access to use wide range of weapons and magic play will be easy for you,if you already watched the movie.

Friday, May 4, 2012

iPhone 5 LM Concept by NAK Studios

As a Mobile tech lover ,if you don't know about NAK Studios, that's a big shame.Once again Antoine Brieux at NAK Studios designed a super cool iPhone concept for Apple fans.6th generation of the iPhone,introducing iPhone 5 LM , a liquid material device powered by a Apple A6 processor.Here is the fresh render.
The liquid material outer case gives the concept a super solid look. "LM" stands for Liquid Metal i guess.rumors say that Apple will launch their new iPhone with a evolutionary design.

Samsung Galaxy S III is Here !

It's finally launched after many rumors and predictions.Samsung Galaxy S III might be the king of rumors in the past months as many users and tech geeks expected it will be the ultimate smartphone in the era after the launch.most of the rumored pictures leaked before the launch event became totally fake!.As i heard till now many people says the new design of the handset is not so impressive and it's kinda ugly. My idea is also the same,it's not that much attractive and eye catching but it does have high end hardware and software specifications. i personally expected a metallic or ceramic cover.Here is the real device which we all waited for months to see.
The launch event was held in London yesterday and media gave the opportunity to watch the event live on internet.Samsung became the maker of most smartphones shipped and with the release of Galaxy S III it will become the king of Android devices out there for sure. I have posted about the rumored specifications of the device(Rumored Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S III) and most of them are available on the real handset. Time to look what are the hardware and software upgrades in Galaxy S III

Little Big City

If you are a strategy mobile game lover,this is for you. Be the mayor and design and build your own city as u like.Little Big City, a nice strategy game with awesome gameplay.
 Gameloft is the vendor of this game and user can create a city in their dreams.there are variety of creative  resources to build your dream city, from houses and businesses to awesome decorations.Gameloft has used vibrant graphics to the game,which is so eye catching on a mobile screen.funny mini games also including and watch your city grow in 3D.

Men In Black 3

When it comes to mobile games, we can't forget the name "Gameloft".as a successful game developer,Gameloft  proudly presents the mobile game of the 2012's one of anticipated movies Men In Black 3 (MIB 3)

You can be the Agent J and fight with many aliens through out the locations in the movie and can access to many weapons and gadgets in MIB.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

iPhone Concepts with Flexible Screens

Flexible Display technology is already in the developing stage.we saw Samsung manage to make an AMOLED flexible screen two years i'm going to show you two concepts that based on the flexible screen technology.
The owner of the concepts is redskyline and he introduced the iPhone-Ace,a  handset with sliding formfactor and iPhone-Jocker,a smartphone with folding formfactor.

The specifications of the device is up to date and used the modern technical level.both models features flexible AMOLED screens made of Graphene and a good thermal conductivity.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Images leaked Before Launch Event?

Hey guys, i have some couple of interesting hot news to share with you.after numerous delays Samsung has finally announced their "Next Galaxy" launching event will going to held in London on 3rd of May.Well that's not one of those hot news i mentioned before.
We saw many leaked images with the label of Samsung Galaxy SIII but most are fake.but phoneArena guys managed to take a snap of the following image which is believed to be the real device.

If this is the real device,the front side looking is very simple. there are two capacitive buttons (menu button on left and back button on right) at the bottom with a home button. Some one might think,wether this is a dummy shell.but guys at phoneArena strongly believing in this image. It seems the device is  bit long with its huge screen.Now it's time for the next hot news.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nokia N1 Concept by deviantART

Have you ever dreamed that Nokia will teamed up with Google? Yes,before there were rumors ,but Nokia started a partnership with Microsoft to take both of their products to a high stand. Here is a Design by deviantART, Nokia N1,a handset powered by Android.
We know Android was already ported to Nokia N9 few months ago.and now the designer tries to show us how Nokia future handsets will look like. unfortunately this concept will be not implement in near future due to the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

HTC Orion 4G Concept by Ryan Sheehan

I always love HTC concepts.there is a special uniqueness in every single one.i have found another HTC concept,but this is a bit old design but feature wise its still good for the modern standard.
Introducing the HTC Orion 4G, a super high end handset designed by Ryan Sheehan. Fresh render is stunning,specially the HTC sense User Interface designed by Ryan.
HTC Orion 4G features a 4.5 inch 1080p Screen with 16:9 ratio.device is powered by a 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor and also has 2GB RAM. Surely we can expect super fine graphic performance from this king. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Galaxy Nexus Black S concept by Antoine Brieux/NAK Studio

The Great designer Antoine has imagined a new concept for Samsung.we already know he is capable of making eye catching ,stunning concepts is another one.Samsung Galaxy Nexus Black S,a handset just similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Here is the fresh render.
This is a quite wide handset, that's why i mentioned it's similar to the Galaxy Note.Galaxy Nexus Black S features a 4.9 inch super AMOLED plus 720p screen.powered by a 1.4Ghz Quad-Core processor ,the device will make super fine images and graphics in it's huge screen.

Nimbuzz Avatar Grabber

This is a great tool to steal the profile picture of a Nimbuzz user. the Application made by user.

All you have to do is type the victims Nimbuzz id in the ID tab and click "get Pic" button as you can see in the picture above.

NOTE : make sure not to type after the id

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BlackBerry TK Victory Concept by DigitalHomeBoy

It seems a good time for BlackBerry fans.recently i post about the BlackBerry Blade concept,which  has a unique design.i even told, that is one of the best Blackberry designs i have seen. Here is another one for you.This time DigitalHomeBoy has made another super eye catching concept design for BlackBerry.Introducing the "BlackBerry TK Victory"

Now this render is little bit similar to the usual BlackBerry handsets can see there are no physical buttons on the device ,specially the BlackBerry Trackball or TrackPad.The concept runs BlackBerry OS 10 and features a Swipeable 3.5 " Bezel touch Screen with swipeable navigation.
From the Specifications this handset is the most powerful one for BlackBerry Concepts.check out the Amazing specifications below.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview Concept by Jonas Dahnert

Nokia launched Lumia 900  for at&t couple of weeks ago,and here is a handset to follow the Lumia 900 series.combined the Pureveiw technology with Lumia design,this concept by Jonas looks natural and great.
Just like the old N9 design,Lumia 920 also follows the same design.we saw Nokia took the N9 design for their Lumia series.Lumia 920 features a 4.3 inch 720p Screen, which means it has a resolution of 1280x720pixels.the screen is bit curved and that is one disadvantage.screen will be vulnerable for hard impacts.

BlackBerry Blade Concept by Toronto Design

Most of the BlackBerry phones has the same design,even the specifications get in to a high level the design or the form factor never changed.Toronto Design has made a really stunning ,eye catching Concept for BlackBerry. it's the BlackBerry Blade,a device with thin body and runs BlackBerry OS 10.
This is one of the best BlackBerry concept i have ever seen.the device is much similar to the Dell Venue pro,even the sliding qwerty keyboard is just like in Venue pro.the design of the body has a curved shape and made of fusion of Aluminium and Acrylic.the outer LED strip gives a great look to the device.

Transparent Glass Tablet & Smartphone Concept by Andrew Solesbury

What can you expect from the modern technology? mobile phone technology has reached to an enhanced level,developers now even make mobiles using transparent material.GD900 from LG is known as the worlds first transparent mobile design.
The designer  Andrew Solesbury came up with a new concept which help transparency to reach another level.Andrew imagined a full transparent device with edge to edge screens.
The devices are totally transparent and has two 3D on rear and the other one infront.these cameras are used for motion tracking.and only one power button integrated to the bottom of the devices.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

HTC One TE Tablet Concept by Hasan Kaymak

HTC fans were not quite happy at MWC 2012.a rumored tablet from HTC was expected at MWC,but just the  HTC One smartphone was was shocking time for the fans who expected a new tablet.after the jetstream tablet released in September 2011 ,still HTC  didn't announce a new tablet.
But the designer Hasan brings a new concept for the brokenhearted HTC is the 10.1" HTC One TE ,a tablet with a quad-core processor and stunning Beats Audio.
The slates design is similar to the HTC One series devices,specially the back side of the device as you can see in the images below.HTC Sense User Interface is used by Hasan and the device runs Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

JUMBOMod : The Best Edited Bombusmod Application

Bombusmod is a well known j2me jabber client.many Nimbuzz users love to use bombusmod application as it has many features rather than is a bombusmod application edited by me and it has all the extensions including XML console.i recommend every bombusmod fan to use's the latest version available to download on internet.

The application is compatible to run on both touch and non touch devices and all it needs is a java MIDP 2.0 supporting phone.With the jabber-transports intergrated you  can communicate with users of ICQ, MSN, Yahoo,Gtalk and Agent.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sony Xperia Play HD Concept by Bob Freking

Our well known designer Bob Freking, manage to increase the specifications of the original Xperia Play to a modern level.from the concept name we can guess the device features a HD screen.

The device coming with the same slide formfactor,and the dotted capacitive buttons at the bottom are designed just as the capacitive buttons in Sony Xperia S.this time only the edges got the round shape unlike the curved top and bottom in original Xperia play.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rumored Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S III

There were number of rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III.the launching event of the Galaxy S III might be on 22nd May and still it's not officially confirmed. Here is a leaked press image of Samsung Galaxy S III.there is a fact to believe this is the real device.the logo of PR company Weber Shandwick Worldwide is on the image.the company had a partnership with Samsung in the past.however few days after the image appeared in internet,tech reviewers suspect it was just a edited picture.

Microsoft launched Office Mobile for Symbian

As the leading mobile phone developer,Nokia started an alliance with Microsoft,the leading Application developer.As a result we saw Nokia launched handsets powered by Windows Phone.This time the Nokia-Microsoft partnership made a big step ahead by launching Office Mobile for Symbian.
 Microsoft Office is the most famous Document editing and processing application around the world.but for mobiles, Office was only available for Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.5/Windows Phone 7 and 7.5. with the partnership of  Nokia and Microsoft,Now Symbian users got the chance to taste Office experience on their handsets.