Friday, May 18, 2012

Chameleon Home Screen for Android Tablets

Are you bored with your Android tablets home screen? Many people will say yes,Android Touch wize UI  is there in most Android tablets but it's not that much impressive,thanks to the Chameleon project,now you can have a better home screen for your android tablet.introducing Chameleon Home Screen.
This App will replace your Android home screen and gives you a eye catching, reliable and a useful home screen. The best feature is Chameleon can identify the times of the day and change the info and apps on the home screen according to the specific time. For example in the mornings it shows the weather,your daily schedule,feeds form social networks..etc and in evening it shows music options,social media kind of things so you don't need to surf deep in your tablet to find such content.

Chameleon has 3 main home screen schedules,in morning,at the office and in evenings.the new home screen gives you some benefits such as saves time to search content in tablet and its fast in do things,you can easily customize the home screens and also you can make your own home screen easily with apps and widgets.when it comes to widgets,i must say chameleon supports some useful widgets like Facebook,Google Drive,Twitter,RSS reader and more.

System Requirements for Chameleon Home Screen

OS : Android 3.2 Honey Comb or a newer version
Display : 1280 x 800 Resolution or above
Orientation : Landscape Mode

Here is a video by teknision,a small demonstration of Chameleon home screen

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