Friday, May 4, 2012

iPhone 5 LM Concept by NAK Studios

As a Mobile tech lover ,if you don't know about NAK Studios, that's a big shame.Once again Antoine Brieux at NAK Studios designed a super cool iPhone concept for Apple fans.6th generation of the iPhone,introducing iPhone 5 LM , a liquid material device powered by a Apple A6 processor.Here is the fresh render.
The liquid material outer case gives the concept a super solid look. "LM" stands for Liquid Metal i guess.rumors say that Apple will launch their new iPhone with a evolutionary design.
The iPhone 5 LM features a 4.5" Retina widescreen which is quite good a decent screen size.powered by a Quad-Core A6 processor and a 10 Mega Pixel iSight camera.embedded SIM card technology is including the device.Antoine made this concept with a dimension of 116.2mm x 59.4mm and with a thickness of 7.9mm.another great feature is a virtual home button is below the screen.when you play a game or watching a video,the virtual button will be hidden and the screen will use the whole 4.5" to play the right?

The back side of the device is not much changed. it's the same old Apple iPhone back side.but the Liquid metal frame gives a new look to this shining what do you think about this concept? looking forward to see your comments. 
For more images of the concept please visit the NAK Studio page below.

News Via NAK Studios

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