Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nimbuzz Symbian 3.4.0 Features (Unreleased)

Hi nimbuzzers,i have a news to share with you all about the unreleased Symbian version of  Nimbuzz.we know many users had so many difficulties in using the latest 3.3.1 version on Symbian Belle updated handsets.Nimbuzz launched the 3.3.0 update after a long time since the release of 3.2.0 version,but it was kind of disappointing update for the users honestly.scrolling between active chats was not in the update and many users installed 3.2.0 old version again. at this time Nokia was planing to release Belle update and after the launch of Nimbuzz 3.3.0 Symbian belle was released.
This is the place went wrong,even the 3.3.1 version was not optimized to run smoothly on Belle OS.there were many bugs such as no end button for VOIP calls,landscape mode does not fit to screen ..etc. and now Nimbuzz going to release 3.4.0 version with bunch of new features and  fixed bugs for Symbian Belle platform.

Here are the new features to show up on next update
  • Chat Rooms with Location/Language Filters ( For Churn Reduction)
  • N world will embedded to the application itself 
  • Bengali Language Support (For Increasing DAU)
  • Single Touch,Swipe and Split-Screen Keyboard
  • Invite Your Friends to Chat Rooms
  • Bubble Chat Layout for Chat Rooms
  • Kick or Ban Admin ids.
  • Chat Rooms can be edited for Location/Language Filter
  • Bookmarked Chat Rooms Are Listed in Favorites Tab
  • Chat Room Owner IDs and Moderator IDs are shown in Colored Background
  • Manage Sharing your Nimbuzz Personal Message on your Connected Social Networks.
Seems pretty cool updates right? specially adding the split-screen keyboard feature.if you expecting Video Calls,then you must wait for the next update,i heard Nimbuzz planing to launch cross platform video calls on Nimbuzz Symbian version with 3.5.0 update.the release date of Nimbuzz 3.4.0 is not yet confirmed,so stay tuned to Nimbuzz blog for latest updates.

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Happy Nimbuzzing!
by jumbo3220@nimbuzz.com

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