Friday, May 11, 2012

Samsung Smartphone Concept by Tolu Falope

Samsung is well known for making attractive build designs for their smartphones. but with the release of Galaxy S III,people start to have doubts for Samsung build designs.i have seen some Samsung fans making designs how they want Galaxy S III to be designed.
Here is a concept made by Tolu Falope, maybe hes trying to show Samsung how should they made handset design.

If you take a close look at the concept,you can see Tolu used a combination of  Sony Experia and HTC ONE X design for the device.the rear camera has the HTC ONE X look and the front side is similar to a Sony Experia device.the poped out metallic edges on rear top and bottom gives a stable look for the concept on a flat surface. Lets see some specs Tolu added to his design


Handset is running Android 4.0 ICS and the traditional three capacitive buttons also include to the concept by Tolu.Other main specs like Processor,RAM,Storage and camera is not mentioned.which means this is a concept to magnify the design rather than specifications. I hope it has a quad core Exynos processor and atleast a 12 Mega Pixel camera.the device also includes the ICS browser + which has touch options in inbuilt browser(see the 3rd image).
Overall design is superb.made for modern standard and the screen is also big,surely more than 4.5" , maybe it's a 1080P screen.i like everything except the shinning metallic strip below the capacitive what do you think? honestly, I'm sure you guys also like if this is the real Galaxy S III design right?

News via Concept Phones 

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