Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nimbuzz mini XML Sender

Here is a cool tool to send XML scripts to a Nimbuzz id from your Windows computer.if you don't know how to use XML compilers on PC jabber clients,this might be handy.

Type your Nimbuzz id without on the "User Jid" tab and type your password on the "password" tab. it's not necessary to fill the "Resource" tab,keep it empty and click connect.once you have successfully connected to the server you will get a message window ,saying you are successfully connected.if not you may done a mistake.
copy XML scripts on the empty tabs below the connect buttons and click on "send".

Thanks to the Programmers Asi Firtina and Pesimist_61x

Download the XML sender from HERE

NOTE : if Application not working,try update . Net framework to latest version.

Happy Nimbuzzing!!!

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