Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Concept (II)

Greetings tech fans, The most anticipated smartphone of the year aka Samsung Galaxy S IV is already set to launch tomorrow. The launch event will be held in Time Square, New York at 7 pm. Samsung already teased the device with a picture of the top left edge which makes sammy fans confused as it's more like a Galaxy SIII with removed ear piece grill. Anyhow i came up with another concept design for this Android beast and this time also i used the latest rumors,leak..etc to make the design. If you haven't seen my previous Galaxy S IV concept check out from here

The new Concept focus on some new specs and small changes in design,specially the round edges. We all know Galaxy SIII design was not as we expected and many users complained about it's design. But i still believe Samsung will not change the round edges from the next flagship device.

My previous concept doesn't feature any physical buttons on the front side. But seems Samsung will not ditch their traditional home button. So i added the home button back in to this concept along with the two capacitive buttons. On the top we have the 2.1 MP front facing camera, ambient light sensor and the proximity sensor and another sensor to help the eye scrolling. The edges are still curved but not so rounded as Galaxy SIII. This Concept features a 4.99" Green PHOLED 1080p edge to edge screen. PHOLED is the next generation of AMOLED technology. These screens are capable of delivering crystal clear details and colors while consuming low amount of energy when compare to other OLED screens. There are number of rumors out there saying, next Galaxy device will feature a different OLED technology and it will be Green PHOLED which use the green and yellow color to make 25% more energy efficient screen. The LED notification light is the oval strip around the home button.