Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peek Tab : Worlds First Spyware Monitoring App For Tablets

Tablets becoming famous among the people with the technologies and features of them is getting better than smartphone specs.tablet usage is massively increasing around the world and the same time threats like virus,malware also join this companies already developed antivirus and anti malware apps but there were no app to monitor your tablet for spyware.
Retina X Studios gives a solution to this problem.if you want to know the tablet activities of your child or a employee just install the Peek Tab app specially developed for Monitor Tablet activities.
Peek Tab is a hybrid software specially developed for parents and employers to monitor their kids and has a unique way to record activities such as web browsing history,GPS location and emails stealthy on the device on every boot-up.

Main Features of Peek Tab

1) Web Browsing History- records all web sites URLs and with the time and date of page visit,then send the data to the online control panel.

2) Contact Info- records the all saved contacts on the device.even its useless to delete the contact after using it.Peek Tab already record the contact just after it was saved and send data to online control panel.

3) GPS Locations- records and displays the time, latitude and longitude, a link to a road map that helps user to pinpoint the tablet's exact location at the time.

4) Installed Apps- records application activities and what apps has been downloaded and installed.

5) Calender- records the schedules,events and notes on the tablet calender.

6) Photos- records every photo taken from the slate camera or downloaded images and send data to the online control panel with time,image name and a link of the site ,where the image has been downloaded.

Other than these features, Peek Tab also able to record text messages,call logs and iMessages on iPad version.No need to worry about your children and employees again.parents will love this app for monitoring their children.Peek Tab is available for Android ,iOS and Blackberry OS and you can buy the product for 29$(price on 6th May 2012)

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