Saturday, December 1, 2012

Symbian Donna powered Nokia N10 Concept

The word "Technology"plays a main role in the lifestyle of modern human. As the technology gets more sophisticated ,we must get used to it and take the maximum advantage instead of living with out dated technology. One such things are Smartphones, not like those days, now we can do almost anything with this device that fits in our pocket. When it comes to Mobile phone manufacturing,there is one name that we will never forget. NOKIA, the Finnish giant. Nokia ruled the smartphone world for ages but now seems to have a little downfall as there were new competitors emerged like Apple,Samsung and Sony.

Before talk about the Concept, i want to express my idea about the future of Nokia. We know that Nokia made an alliance with Microsoft in recent past and started manufacturing smartphones which runs Microsoft Windows Phone. But the problem came when rumors spread on the internet saying Microsoft is making a Surface smartphone to follow the Surface branding.when this happened Nokia already dumped the Meego project, which is a Linux based OS project. So, What will happen to Nokia if Microsoft really make surface smartphone? The answer to that question maybe hidden in this Concept i have imagined. Meet the Nokia N10, a powerful smartphone with Echo Friendly capabilities.

If you check the UI on the screen, you will remember the leaked video of Nokia Air. That video inspired me very much to design this concept. Just like i mentioned on above, What will Nokia do to stay in the race after leaving Meego? their main OS Symbian is not up to date to compete with other mobile OS's such as Android and iOS. But in the leaked Nokia Air promo video, The UI in the Nokia device drew Symbian users crazy. they suspected including my self, it could be the upcoming Symbian OS.

Lets jump to the List of specifications of Nokia N10

* 4.3" LED backlit IPS TFT
   720x1280 resolution
   Pure Motion HD+ ClearBlack screen
   Corning Gorilla Glass 2

  16GB internal memory 
  Hot Swapable micro SD card support-up to 32GB

*2.0 GHz Cotex-A15 processor+two Cortex-M4 cores
  TI OMAP 5 Series chipset
  PoverVR G6630 GPU

*12 Mega Pixel Carl Zeiss sensor with Pure View technology
  Xenon flasher
  Optical Image Stabilization 
  1080p@60fps video recording
  2 Mega Pixel front facing camera
  Front LED flasher/video light (for indoor,low light video calls,works with Skype)

*Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot, NFC, DLNA, USB on the go, micro HDMI
*Dolby Mobile Speakers, Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement

*Symbian Donna

*non user removable 2700mAh Li-ion battery
  Wireless charging
  Wireless Solar Charging enabled(via a shell)

The concept features a crisp 720p screen with a retina beating pixel density. Even though it's the era of 1080p screens, i thought 720p will be better because human eye can only differentiate 300-320 ppi. Therefore a 1080p screen wont look more impressive than a 720p screen. Still Nokia didn't manufactured a Symbian running multi-core smartphone. Their last Symbian(latest : Belle) phone featured a 1.3GHz single core ARM 11 processor. So Nokia N10 will be the first Symbian device to have a multi-core processing.

What makes the HTC Phones so popular? two facts i guess. Awesome build quality and beats audio. can Nokia beat the beats audio with DOLBY audio? have to find out! since Nokia made a partnership with DOLBY digital, Music quality of Nokia handsets increased rapidly. Nokia N10's Sound system is taking care by DOLBY, there are 2 massive DOLBY mobile speakers on the bottom and the device supports DOLBY headphones too.

Wireless charging is not a new word for Nokia. They were able to demonstrate wireless charging along with the launch of Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. For an instant many people thought that they can charge the phone wirelessly while they using it on hands. But actually it's not that kind of wireless charging, the phone must place on a special dock,pad or on a pillow to wirelessly charge the battery. Are there any other ways to charge the battery wirelessly while we use it? Maybe !
I have designed a wireless solar charging shell as an answer to our question. The main difference of it, when compared to Lumia 820's shell, N10's solar shell can be attached directly to the back of handset and it charges the built in battery of the phone wirelessly as a charging pad. This might become handy when you going outside. Turn the back side to the direct sun and let your phone charge while you walk,drive.

As a Symbian user, i love to see if Nokia upgrade the OS to modern standards and come back aggressively in Smartphone world. specially mobile gamers  who owns Nokia devices are disappointed since Nokia not supporting great GPU's. we all know how capable of Symbian OS,what can it do if got further implementations. Also i have to tell why i used Symbian Donna instead of Carla,the reason is Donna to support multi-core processors while Carla still powered by single cores. Maybe Nokia will upgrade S40 platform to Carla and Symbian^3 platform to Donna. I heard that Nokia is searching for a Linux engineer. maybe Nokia is feeling regret for dumping Meego, and now planing to move to Android? 

Feel free to comment your opinions about this concept and suggestions.

Cheers !