Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spy Bot for Nimbuzz

Hi there Nimbuzzers, it's been a quite while i'm posting here. One of our Nimbuzzer has made a cool Bot for us. Introducing the "Spy Bot", a bot that can steal Nimbuzz avatars, personal messages and more.
If you like to grab the avatar image of some one eles, you might need a avatar grabber software or type the url on your browser,but if you are a mobile user,Spy Bot will help you to steal the others avatar with just few commands.check some more features of the bot.

  • Retrieve the display name(Nick Name) of any nimbuzz user.
  • Retrieve the personal message of any nimbuzz user.
  • Retrieve the link to see avatar image of any nimbuzz user
  • Retrieve the list of users in a chatroom without entering.

How to Setup the Bot
               Note that,this bot is not available in the N-World,where you add Bots to your list.all you have to do is add the bot id manually using your nimbuzz.add the following ID to get the bot


once you add the bot,it will be online in your list. start a chat session with the bot and type "Commands",so you will get the instructions,how to use the bot.i have demonstrated the commands in use by the images below.

Retrieving Avatar link
              type a<space>Nimbuzz ID you want
              example : a jumbo3220(it doesn't matter, whether ''a'' is capital or simple letter and you dont need to type @nimbuzz.com at the end of the ID)

Retrieving Display Name and Personal Message
                             type p<space>Nimbuzz ID

Retrieving a List of Users in a Chat Room
                          type u<space>Chat Room Name
                          example : u pinoy_cute (No need to type @conference.nimbuzz.com at the end)

Cool right? no need of xml scripts anymore to see the users in a chat room.well if you find any issue with the bot ,simply contact ultimate.zero1994@gmail.com 

Happy Nimbuzzing!

by jumbo3220@nimbuzz.com

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