Saturday, June 2, 2012

Leaked Parts of The Next iPhone ?

6th generation iPhone is the hottest topic in mobile tech world these days. Some images which believes to be the parts of next iPhone has been released to the internet. The images are leaked couple of days ago,but i was waited till more news rolled out to make a post.

Till now, images of the out side frames were leaked and we can predict some facts with them.check out the other leaked images.

Most of these images are leaked by a Chinese part supplier and according to him the frame has a same width of iPhone 4S but more taller. And he also said that the back cover and front cover is made with Aluminium. The last pic was leaked one day after the frames images leaked.its a sketch of the design and it's similar to the frames we have seen.
The front facing camera is placed middle above the ear piece grill. Headphone jack and large speaker grills can be seen at the bottom of the frame. Many people including me expected Apple to remove the physical home button from the next iPhone,but with these leaked images,i think there will be a traditional physical home button.
A video of the frame which we saw on images has been uploaded to the YouTube couple of days ago.with all these info, seems these are the real parts of the next iPhone.

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