Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Identify A Fake Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung smartphones are selling like hot cakes all over the world despite of what ever hardware they contain. Samsung are making lots of smartphones for all and each categories in short period of time that helped to make a internet quote "Another Day, Another Galaxy". While the consumers grabbing their Galaxy phones, Some local phone manufacturers take this opportunity to their advantage. There are number of Replicas to some iconic devices made by Samsung, which makes people confused which one is the original and which one is the fake or the clone.

Now This post is for all who want to know what are the differences between an original one and a replica, What are the advantages and flops of Buying a replica and ways to spot a replica. Here in Sri Lanka the latest Galaxy S4 clones are going for a price tag of Rs.25,000 which means around 190$-200$. So i mostly talking about the Galaxy S4 replicas which make sense, why all people wanna buy it. As the 2013 H1 flagship Galaxy S4 turned out to be a beast among the high end smartphones. All dreamed to have a one in their pockets including me. So if you are a Sri Lankan, better read this post i have written in Sinhala in my other blog. Korean Version vs Original Version (For Sri Lankans)

Difference Between a Clone and an Original Device

There are noticeable differences we can find under Hardware, Software and physical view. Lets see what are the physical differences we can spot.