Sunday, May 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy One Concept by Laura & Charles

Hi there tech lovers,i was kind of busy with my stuff for couple of days,so i couldn't post any threads about new smartphone concepts which poped out recently. And Today i got a new Tablet concept to share with you.This will be a milestone in Tablet concepts due to the built in projector in the Tablet.This is the first tablet concept i have seen with a built in projector.
Meet Samsung Galaxy One ,a unique Tablet design by Laura and Charles. they selected Samsung as the brand,maybe because there are some Samsung smartphones already with built in projectors like Samsung Beam. and they selected Windows 8 as the OS. Here is the fresh render.
According to the Makers,Galaxy One is a combination of three characteristics of tablet,desktop and laptop.Galaxy One Hardware specs are not mentioned.they kept focus on projector,physical features and the has dimensions of 305mm x195mm x 14mm and two feet stand.
Two feet stand is a good feature i have seen can place the tablet on many positions for different purposes.for example if you want to use the device as a projector you can use the short "feet" stand and to view some other media like pictures and for video calls,you can use the long "feet" stand.check the images below so you can understand well what i am saying.

Galaxy One tablet projector has a Aluminium body and the feet stands are Aluminium brushed as well.still have some facts to tell about the projector. user can change the angle of the projector with a little switch next to the projector glass.a Camera with a LED flash can be seen on the back.if you look the above pic ,there is a USB port,volume controlling buttons and a Dock port also in the device.
when i go through the images i found the virtual touch screen keyboard is really gives a laptop keyboard with a virtual touch pad.check the images will love it.


It's nice to see a new concept like this,specially with a projector integrated.Samsung surely will work on a similar tablet like this.i would love to see the hardware specs of this tablet but unfortunately couldn't find  any.For more images and details please visit the source link below.

News Via Yanko Design

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