Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chat Room Search Bot for Nimbuzz

Greetings Nimbuzzers!

Chat rooms are the most outstanding feature of Nimbuzz and i don't think you will disagree with me if i say chat rooms are the heart of Nimbuzz, pumping life to it. Since the Android version got the taste of chat rooms, users problems solved up to 75% but still some bugs and issues we can see such as it doesn't load more than ten rooms in search mode. So this post will be help for Android users a lot more than the others client users.

Room search bot was developed by our good old Nimbuzzer ultimate zero. He is hoping to develop more bots for Nimbuzz to make things more easy for us. Lets give a big thumbs up for zero. I have tried this bot and found out that, it's really easy to use, has user friendly commands and have amazing features.

Main Features of The Bot

  • Search chat rooms from your chat screen
  • Join chat rooms right from the chat screen
  • Ability to check the users inside a chat room
  • Ability to check Nimbuzz recommended chat rooms
  • Ability to add a chat room to our favorite list

How to Setup The Bot

This Bot isn't available in the N-World ,where we use to add Bots often. Make sure to add the Bot manually by Nimbuzz add contact option.type the following ID without spelling mistakes.


Once you add the bot,it will be online in your list and you can start using it. Simply type "Help" (without quotation) and you will get a list of things you can do with it.let me demonstrate you some of them.

Searching a Chat Room

           Type S <space> "key word you like to search" and press send chat. Then you can see a search result as shown in the screenshot below
           example : S english

Check Users inside a Chat room

        Type U<space>"the number of chat room" and press send chat. For example i want to see the users in "english*" chat room which has the number 2

         example :   U 2

Join a Chat Room

           Type J<space>"number of the chat room" and press send chat
           Example J 3

That's it ! cool right? Again we don't need to bother using XML scripts and search room users. Full credit goes to ultimate zero for his hard work. If you found any issues with the bot simply contact him with this email,

Happy Nimbuzzing 

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