Sunday, May 13, 2012

iPhone 5+ Concept by ADR Studio

Galaxy S III concepts are done,now it's time for the next Apple iPhone.ADR studio presents you another iPhone concept with a ultra slim design with an edge to edge display.Antonio De Rosa at ADR studio is the owner of the concept and we know he is never ceases to make people amazed by his stunning unique Apple designs.This time he made iPhone+ ,here is the fresh render.
The name of the next iPhone is still not confirmed.however fans are saying it might be named as "the new iPhone"just like Apple named their new generation iPad.but Antonio thought "iPhone+" will be a good name for his concept,just like the Macintosh + introduced in 1986.lets go through some specs of the device.
First i like to talk about the design of the iPhone+,here Antonio used a liquidmetal body which is thermoformed on a single plane with no junctions.the back side is similar to the real device,no much changes to see.iPhone+ also features a 4.3" Retina display which includes the in-cell technology.the whole device has 5 layers as u can see in a image below.the outer layer is an Alkali-aluminosilicate sheet,then a poly-carbonate layer,then comes the in-cell screen,after that a chromium edge and finally the liquidmetal body. iPhone+ is powered by a Quad-Core A6 processor and the RAM is not mentioned.

iPhone+ comes with a 10 Mega Pixel f/2.4 rear camera with 1080P video recording @30fps and the front facing camera features a 2 Mega Pixel sensor with 480p video recording @30fps.what most users expecting is the no capacitive home button in the next iPhone ,but Antonio thought it's better to keep it.on front side there is a pico-projector which can beam images and other multimedia stuff to a surface.

On the top you can see the power button and the pico-projector,and the bottom there is a slim dock connector.Antonio also sayin his iPhone+ includes a  rear motion sensor.Battery is not mentioned again,hope it has a high mAh value to keep these great features in use for a long time.i'm sure there will more concepts like this to come.So what do you think about this ultra slim smartphone?

News via ADR Studio and Concept Phones

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