Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Transparent Glass Tablet & Smartphone Concept by Andrew Solesbury

What can you expect from the modern technology? mobile phone technology has reached to an enhanced level,developers now even make mobiles using transparent material.GD900 from LG is known as the worlds first transparent mobile design.
The designer  Andrew Solesbury came up with a new concept which help transparency to reach another level.Andrew imagined a full transparent device with edge to edge screens.
The devices are totally transparent and has two 3D on rear and the other one infront.these cameras are used for motion tracking.and only one power button integrated to the bottom of the devices.
Now you might think where are the hardware is kept?processor ,RAM ,GPU...and all other things are made with nano technology and nicely integrated inside the power button.hard to believe even it's a concept.
The screens on the tablet and phone are 3D ones which doesn't need a 3D glasses.due to that the we can expect better graphic and visions through the screen.

I really love this concept.but its totally made of glass, a fragile material. users must be careful to not drop the device on a hard surface.with technologies like Gorilla Glass,Dragontrail this issue will be not much bothering.hoping to see a full transparent device in near future.

News Via Concept-Phones

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