Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to Identify A Fake Samsung Galaxy Phone

Samsung smartphones are selling like hot cakes all over the world despite of what ever hardware they contain. Samsung are making lots of smartphones for all and each categories in short period of time that helped to make a internet quote "Another Day, Another Galaxy". While the consumers grabbing their Galaxy phones, Some local phone manufacturers take this opportunity to their advantage. There are number of Replicas to some iconic devices made by Samsung, which makes people confused which one is the original and which one is the fake or the clone.

Now This post is for all who want to know what are the differences between an original one and a replica, What are the advantages and flops of Buying a replica and ways to spot a replica. Here in Sri Lanka the latest Galaxy S4 clones are going for a price tag of Rs.25,000 which means around 190$-200$. So i mostly talking about the Galaxy S4 replicas which make sense, why all people wanna buy it. As the 2013 H1 flagship Galaxy S4 turned out to be a beast among the high end smartphones. All dreamed to have a one in their pockets including me. So if you are a Sri Lankan, better read this post i have written in Sinhala in my other blog. Korean Version vs Original Version (For Sri Lankans)

Difference Between a Clone and an Original Device

There are noticeable differences we can find under Hardware, Software and physical view. Lets see what are the physical differences we can spot.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Types Of Mobile Phone Screens : Explained

Screen of a mobile phone or a smartphone is one of the key features, users concern when buying a new mobile device. It's the main hardware that ,user can interact with the embedded software and do various things. Generation to generation the mobile phone screen has been evolved and today humans reached the milestone of making flexible screens.

There are so many types of screens out there with different technologies and pixel arrangements. Earlier days we had dot matrix screens and later we managed to make them display colors and now time has taken us to the era of touchscreens where screens are capable of showing crisp images,colors and retina beating pixel densities. Lets see what are the most popular mobile phone screen types out there.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sony Xperia Honami Concept

Few days ago we heard the rumor about a upcoming Sony flagship device which is known as "Xperia Honami". There was another rumored model "Xperia Togari" a 6.4" phablet to come out in the 2nd half of 2013. Sony also introduced a new Series of product lineup named "One Sony" where people can get the best out of Sony's latest technologies in a single product. The Xperia Honami is expected to follow up the One Sony line.
The Concept here i made is based on some rumored specifications and some of my own guessed hardware features. Xperia Honami is the competitor of HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S4. Some users are not quite satisfied with the screen quality of Xperia Z, but the successor to the glassy giant, Xperia Honami is based on  a different screen technology and more tougher materials.Introducing Xperia Honami.

The front side of the phone is covered by a Sapphire cover glass,simply the toughest materiel a smartphone manufacturer can use since it's second to diamond in toughness. Aluminium Oxide compounds on the cover gives ultra toughness and scratch resistance to the device. At the bottom ,we can see a long grill for liquid magnetic speakers. Honami is similar to the Xperia ZL by covering a large amount of area for the display. Here we are dealing with a 5" edge to edge 1080p Trilunimos screen. With this, the panel could produce more natural colors by placing a filter between the white LED and the panel converting it to RGB lighting.It uses the highest color spectrum on a screen.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Concept (II)

Greetings tech fans, The most anticipated smartphone of the year aka Samsung Galaxy S IV is already set to launch tomorrow. The launch event will be held in Time Square, New York at 7 pm. Samsung already teased the device with a picture of the top left edge which makes sammy fans confused as it's more like a Galaxy SIII with removed ear piece grill. Anyhow i came up with another concept design for this Android beast and this time also i used the latest rumors,leak..etc to make the design. If you haven't seen my previous Galaxy S IV concept check out from here

The new Concept focus on some new specs and small changes in design,specially the round edges. We all know Galaxy SIII design was not as we expected and many users complained about it's design. But i still believe Samsung will not change the round edges from the next flagship device.

My previous concept doesn't feature any physical buttons on the front side. But seems Samsung will not ditch their traditional home button. So i added the home button back in to this concept along with the two capacitive buttons. On the top we have the 2.1 MP front facing camera, ambient light sensor and the proximity sensor and another sensor to help the eye scrolling. The edges are still curved but not so rounded as Galaxy SIII. This Concept features a 4.99" Green PHOLED 1080p edge to edge screen. PHOLED is the next generation of AMOLED technology. These screens are capable of delivering crystal clear details and colors while consuming low amount of energy when compare to other OLED screens. There are number of rumors out there saying, next Galaxy device will feature a different OLED technology and it will be Green PHOLED which use the green and yellow color to make 25% more energy efficient screen. The LED notification light is the oval strip around the home button.

Monday, January 28, 2013


2013 is going to be a battlefield of high-end smartphone manufacturers. Sony unveiled their Xperia Z and ZL flagship devices to compete with next generation Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S IV. It seems HTC is also hiding a new competitor which is not officially announced yet, though we have seen some leaked images of the device under the "HTC M7" branding. What about Motorola? They haven't entered the competition yet and we didn't saw any high end device from them in recent past. Since Google acquired Motorola Mobility now they have a great chance to come up with a powerful flagship. Software updates wont be a issue when Motorola is now under the Google's hood.

The word "X Phone" emerged after the Google's CEO Larry Page talked about few areas in smartphone tech including "Battery Life" and "Durability". Another thing that reports says Motorola and Google are working on a Nexus like phone which Google is aiming to Launch the Next Android version "Key Lime Pie". This is how it all began. The Concept i have imagined here, maybe the first Motorola X Phone concept in internet.

My most favorite flagship is Sony Xperia Z. It took me a while to think what should i add to this X Phone to kill the features of Xperia Z. Finally i came up with some decent specs, i suppose. as CEO Larry Page said, Durability and Energy saving is highlighted in this concept.
As you can see in the above image, X phone features the Motorola front look and side bezel free design. reducing bezels makes the device more compact in user's hand while maintaining a larger screen. An LED notification light is placed at the bottom along with the microphone.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sony Xperia Pro X Concept with Secondary Tactus Display

There are people who still loves to have a physical keypad on there Smartphone. With the large number of new brands and models coming to market, physical QWERTY keypads are getting far from the mobile devices. Touch screen era has just started. For some reasons typing on a touch screen isn't that comfortable as in a physical keypad. Tactus, a screen manufacture already looking for an answer to this problem. Finally they have introduced a touch screen that pops out it buttons from the screen. hard to believe? check out the video at the end of this post.
The Sony Xperia Pro X concept is inspired by the Tactus technology and i want to give a solution for physical keypad and gamepad lovers. CES 2013 ended up with new hopes for future technology. Xperia Pro X features some great specs which are introduced at CES this year.

Starting from the front side, It's the new Sony look with rectangular design we saw in Xperia Z and ZL. I really loved it due to less bezel used. Sony engineers claims that many people tend to show their face adjust to bottom of the screen when do a video conference call. So placing the front camera at the bottom seems odd but it has good advantages. Only differences i made were placing a small microphone middle of the bottom and moving the LED notification light to top.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Mobile Processors to Power Up the New Year

International CES 2013 is almost done. Today is the last day for consumers to show off their latest technologies. We have seen Mobile Computing taking  huge steps ahead within the last few days. Innovation with competition went throughout the show and when it comes to Mobile Computing, the first components to show off their colors are Processors. Bunch of mobile processors launched at CES 2013 by System on Chip (SoC) developers with ground breaking features.

Previous Rumors suggested that NVIDIA will launch the Tegra 4 SoC at CES this year. It was right, NVIDIA kicked off the Show with the launch of Tegra 4.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Micromax Canvas 3 Concept

Micromax is a well growing Indian electronics manufacturer. The company is famous for their low cost Android smartphones and tablets. Recently they have started making LED Smart TVs with their own trademark technologies like AVEA engine. Most Indian people love the Micromax products as they can fulfill there telecommunication and multimedia needs with a less cost when compared to other brands in the market. Micromax A110, also known as Canvas 2 was the flagship device of the company. Canvas 2 was able to grab a good market share and still selling like hot potatoes. However when competing with the modern standards, i think Micromax needs to improve their hardware as well as software. The Canvas 3 Concept takes the "Canvas" Branding to the next level with high end+mid range features.

As you can see, from the front side,there are so many changes with improvements. Physical capacitive buttons are removed and replaced by software integrated buttons. This helps to reduce the height /length of the device and makes more compact in the hand. Ambient light sensor is next to the front facing camera,now no need to adjust the brightness manually when you go out side. Here are the most interesting and improved features of Canvas 3 over it's previous sibling.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Concept

Galaxy S III became the most successful selling flagship by Samsung in recent past. Even before the launch of  SIII, people had so many expectations from the handset. But most of them didn't became realities. Samsung unveiled the flagship with a new fresh design which is inspired by nature. the handset, it self looks like a pebble in a water flow. Anyhow Galaxy S III was able to win the peoples attention and started selling like hot potatoes. Even now, S III holds a good demand in the international market.Having a successor to SIII feels not so important at the moment.

Leaked information and rumors about Galaxy S IV brought some delightful ideas and new technologies such as big.LITTLE architecture and FHD AMOLED screens.latest rumor was S IV to support Samsung S-Pen and set to launch in April 2013. The Concept Design below was created with most of leaked information and rumors.
Front side, no doubt looks similar to Galaxy S III. differences are, i put the notification  light at the bottom, just like in Nexus 4. Front facing camera also on the left side from the ear piece and ear piece got a new speaker grill which is totally different from Samsung devices we have seen. The concept features a 5 inch FHD Super AMOLED+ screen with a resolution of 1080x1920 and a retina beating pixel density of 441ppi.

The screen on the real device could feature a flexible  AMOLED screen. There is no point of having a flexible screen if the whole device wont act as a flexible thing. On the right side power/lock button can be seen and it's the only physical button can be found on the device. Left side features the volume/zoom capacitive buttons.