Monday, December 31, 2012

What is big.LITTLE Processing?

The word "big.LITTLE" sounds familiar if you haven't slept under a rock for few weeks back. So many questions popping up in mind, what does it mean? how it works? why it's so important?..etc
Rumors brought this word back in to the stage saying Samsung's next years flagship, which is Galaxy S iv to feature an Octa Core processor with big.LITTLE technology. Lets find out what's this all about.

big.LITTLE is a processor architecture found by ARM Holdings in October 2011. Since they have launched the Cortex-A7 processor ,which is architectural wise compatible with the Cortex-A15 processor, big.LITTLE processing revealed to the world.
"The Right Processor for the Right Job" was the title ARM used to describe the meaning of big.LITTLE architecture. The "big" stands for the powerful high performance Cortex-A15 cores and "LITTLE" for the entry level power efficient Cortex-A7 cores. Due to their architectural similarities, these cores can seamlessly switch between one and another according to the workload. The diagram below can explain the process.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sony Xperia Walkman Concept for Music Lovers

Sony is well known company for their crisp displays and audio quality. Since they have started manufacturing smartphones,thousands of Sony fans got the chance to put their best music and audio in to there pockets. Sony Ericsson Walkman series was the most popular among the music lovers. But after the change of name "Sony Ericsson" to "Sony" the Walkman series was also sent to the grave along with the "Ericsson" part. It's sad to see Sony didn't made a special phone with high end music capabilities for music lovers out there. Although most high end Sony handsets features a great music enhancements,there could be people who doesn't like to own a high end device. The Xperia Walkman Concept is just for the people who worship Music.

Music playback and the quality is a key factor to consider about when buying a new smartphone. Many people tend to leave this factor if planning to buy a Sony device. It's quite ok ,as Sony already crowned in the music industry. Other Companies like Samsung, Nokia and HTC also joined the competition recently but only Samsung went ahead by introducing "Galaxy Music", the small handset with great music and audio standards. 
So i have designed this Walkman handset to show how cool it would be if Sony managed to give us a "music only" phone.

The concept has the traditional Sony design with glossy plastic along with the new round side buttons which Sony introduced with Xperia E. No physical capacitive keys on the front,just the screen has occupied most of the front area with front facing camera,sensors and the Xperia branding at the bottom. Top of the device is sloped to front side just like in Xperia T and J and you can see a 3.5mm audio port and a speaker grill besides in the middle.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chat Room Search Bot for Nimbuzz

Greetings Nimbuzzers!

Chat rooms are the most outstanding feature of Nimbuzz and i don't think you will disagree with me if i say chat rooms are the heart of Nimbuzz, pumping life to it. Since the Android version got the taste of chat rooms, users problems solved up to 75% but still some bugs and issues we can see such as it doesn't load more than ten rooms in search mode. So this post will be help for Android users a lot more than the others client users.

Room search bot was developed by our good old Nimbuzzer ultimate zero. He is hoping to develop more bots for Nimbuzz to make things more easy for us. Lets give a big thumbs up for zero. I have tried this bot and found out that, it's really easy to use, has user friendly commands and have amazing features.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nvidia to showcase Tegra 4 Processor at CES 2013

It seems Nvidia isn't planing to launch the successor to Tegra 3 processor this year. Rumors says that, Nvidia is hoping to debut the new Tegra 4 processor at upcoming CES 2013 tech keynote. It might be true since we saw the Roadmap of Nvidia Tegra lineup shows 2012 Q4 to 2013 Q1 will be the time period Nvidia to launch "Wayne" chip which is to be called as Nvidia Tegra 4.
The performance of the new chip is reportedly super fast than the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro which uses four Krait cores. It's not a amazing fact since Tegra 4 is expected to feature four Cortex A-15 based cores and a one companion core  to manage power. It's clear that Nvidia will give a good fight to other competitors like Qualcomm,Ti-OMAP and Exynos.

Nvidia Tegra 4 is supposed to perform twice as fast as the Tegra 3 and ten times faster than Tegra 2 dual core. Next, it comes to the graphic processing side. What will Nvidia plan to improve the graphics? Well, According to Nvidia, they have Testing a "Kepler" architecture based GPU instead of ULP Geforce GPU.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Symbian Donna powered Nokia N10 Concept

The word "Technology"plays a main role in the lifestyle of modern human. As the technology gets more sophisticated ,we must get used to it and take the maximum advantage instead of living with out dated technology. One such things are Smartphones, not like those days, now we can do almost anything with this device that fits in our pocket. When it comes to Mobile phone manufacturing,there is one name that we will never forget. NOKIA, the Finnish giant. Nokia ruled the smartphone world for ages but now seems to have a little downfall as there were new competitors emerged like Apple,Samsung and Sony.

Before talk about the Concept, i want to express my idea about the future of Nokia. We know that Nokia made an alliance with Microsoft in recent past and started manufacturing smartphones which runs Microsoft Windows Phone. But the problem came when rumors spread on the internet saying Microsoft is making a Surface smartphone to follow the Surface branding.when this happened Nokia already dumped the Meego project, which is a Linux based OS project. So, What will happen to Nokia if Microsoft really make surface smartphone? The answer to that question maybe hidden in this Concept i have imagined. Meet the Nokia N10, a powerful smartphone with Echo Friendly capabilities.

If you check the UI on the screen, you will remember the leaked video of Nokia Air. That video inspired me very much to design this concept. Just like i mentioned on above, What will Nokia do to stay in the race after leaving Meego? their main OS Symbian is not up to date to compete with other mobile OS's such as Android and iOS. But in the leaked Nokia Air promo video, The UI in the Nokia device drew Symbian users crazy. they suspected including my self, it could be the upcoming Symbian OS.