Sunday, April 15, 2012

HTC One TE Tablet Concept by Hasan Kaymak

HTC fans were not quite happy at MWC 2012.a rumored tablet from HTC was expected at MWC,but just the  HTC One smartphone was was shocking time for the fans who expected a new tablet.after the jetstream tablet released in September 2011 ,still HTC  didn't announce a new tablet.
But the designer Hasan brings a new concept for the brokenhearted HTC is the 10.1" HTC One TE ,a tablet with a quad-core processor and stunning Beats Audio.
The slates design is similar to the HTC One series devices,specially the back side of the device as you can see in the images below.HTC Sense User Interface is used by Hasan and the device runs Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

HTC One TE features a 10.1" 720p super LCD2 HD screen,Gorilla Glass 2.0 ,8 Mega Pixel rear camera,a micro HDMI port,WiFi b/g/n at 60 GHz.a quad-core processor is powering the device.

Beats audio system integrated to the device,gives you excellent sound quality.also a pair of  beats headset coming with the tablet.We already know HTC already announced that they will stop bundling beats headset with future the sound quality of the device will remain as a dream.
It's nearly a week now, rumors coming about HTC Quattro tablet but still no any news about it. i think this is the best time for HTC to launch a new tablet,since they made the fans disappointed at MWC.

News via Concept-Phones

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