Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nokia Shuts Down Symbian Carla

Have you remembered the post about leaked Symbian Carla screenshots? in case you missed it check the post from here :Symbian Carla Screenshots.
If you are Symbian Belle user,you might have dreamed seeing upcoming Symbian update "Carla" running on your device.but time to say good bye to that sweet dream.Nokia Officials said that Symbian Carla has been cancelled.
An Italian Nokia fan website,Nokialino had a conversation with the product marketing manager in south Europe ,Mathias Fiorin and in this discussion he said Symbian Carla has been shut down. According to Mathias Fiorin,Symbian Belle will be the last Major update for Symbian family to get.

                                                                       (Mathias Fiorin)

However a FP2(Feature Pack2) for Symbian Belle is already in the developing progress so when it's done,that will be the last update for Belle.
With this news,we can forget about Symbian Donna,the Planed OS to come out after Carla.but Donna was supposed to have HD 720p screen support and Dual-Core processors support.well! maybe these features will be added to the Belle FP2.
Seems Nokia planing to totally focus on making Windows-Phones. It's not a rumor that Symbian platform got less respect after Nokia teamed up with Microsoft.this will be a great example to prove that.

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