Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nimbuzz Windows Phone 1.2.0 UI Concept

Here is my Latest UI concept. This time i choose Windows Phone version. Nimbuzz launched a brand new version (1.0) for Windows Phone last Month but surprisingly it doesn't have some important features like VOIP,Group Chat..etc.  The Concept here Based on version 1.2.0 which is not available yet.

So Lets Start with the 1st feature i have designed.you can see a home screen above.yes, since Windows Phone UI is based on live tiles,adding a home screen might look nice.so after the login,user will redirect to this home screen where user can select the option he want.N world tile and VOIP local call dialer tile are at the bottom.
Full Concept Features

  • New Home Screen
  • HD VOIP calls
  • Group Chat
  • Customizable Chat Background 
  • User personal message with online status below the name in chat screen
  • Nimbuzz Around feature (to search nimbuzz users around your area)

Buzz Around is a geo locating service to find Nimbuzz users nearby your Area.you can turn this option ON/OFF so no problem if you don't like.

Video call and chat rooms will join later to the party.so i'm not interested in making designs for Chat rooms at the moment. Do comment if you have a suggestion,

Happy Nimbuzzing
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