Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jolla Sailfish OS powered Nokia Concept Phone

There are so many mobile operating systems out there, Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone are the most popular among the people as they used in a wide range all over the world. I'll take Android as the King of mobile OSs now. Have you ever thought some one will develop an OS to beat Android? well Jolla team has developed there new upgrade of Meego and named it as "Sailfish" OS. now the point is Sailfish OS looks like a Hybrid of Android and Windows Phone. Jolla team was able to demonstrate the new OS last week and it was so simple looking and no lags at all. So what i think is Jolla OS can give a fight with Android if it's get more further development.

Since Nokia dumped the Meego project, the developers didn't lose their hope for a Linux based mobile OS. They have successfully build the Sailfish OS and teasing Nokia now. I have made a concept for the Sailfish OS and it was running on a Nokia device. What i want to show you is how awesome it will be if Nokia didn't dump the Meego project. 

As you can see in the above image, i have used some Nokia technologies such as Pureview to the device. The design is also change to curved edges,not like the fully rectangular designs Nokia using nowadays for their flagships. I have seen many users saying that they need a physical keyboard for Meego based phones,i don't know the reason why they desperately want a one. so i have added a Sliding keypad as well. Lets see the full list of specifications.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sony Xperia Yuga Concept

As a Sony Mobile fan, i love making concepts under their branding. This time i made a concept for upcoming  Xperia "Yuga" flagship. If you are a good mobile tech fan,you might seen the leaked images of Xperia Yuga couple of weeks ago, the flagship has the code name C6603 and looks very slim. What i imagined is little bit different from the leaked images and totally fresh design which is bit similar to Xperia S from design.check it out !
The concept has almost all the sony technologies and compete with the high end "phablets" like Samsung Galaxy Note II and HTC Droid DNA. What's interesting in this concept is it features a 13 Mega Pixel Exmor RS sensor with 1080p HDR video recording. sony announced the Exmor RS mobile sensors last august and i thought adding a one might look handy. we all know Sony is leading companies with imaging devices and lenses. So! lets see the full specification list.