Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nvidia to showcase Tegra 4 Processor at CES 2013

It seems Nvidia isn't planing to launch the successor to Tegra 3 processor this year. Rumors says that, Nvidia is hoping to debut the new Tegra 4 processor at upcoming CES 2013 tech keynote. It might be true since we saw the Roadmap of Nvidia Tegra lineup shows 2012 Q4 to 2013 Q1 will be the time period Nvidia to launch "Wayne" chip which is to be called as Nvidia Tegra 4.
The performance of the new chip is reportedly super fast than the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro which uses four Krait cores. It's not a amazing fact since Tegra 4 is expected to feature four Cortex A-15 based cores and a one companion core  to manage power. It's clear that Nvidia will give a good fight to other competitors like Qualcomm,Ti-OMAP and Exynos.

Nvidia Tegra 4 is supposed to perform twice as fast as the Tegra 3 and ten times faster than Tegra 2 dual core. Next, it comes to the graphic processing side. What will Nvidia plan to improve the graphics? Well, According to Nvidia, they have Testing a "Kepler" architecture based GPU instead of ULP Geforce GPU.
The Kepler GPU is built on 28nms. It's also known as the "First Cloud GPU" and expected to feature up to 64 cores.

The new Kepler GPU will be five times faster than it's predecessor ULP Geforce GPU, that found in Tegra 3 devices. And also Tegra 4 supports 4G LTE standards to give better connectivity and high speed data downloads. Xiaomi M3 is the first device rumored to feature a Tegra 4 chip between 1.6 GHz -2GHz. 

2013 will be an astonishing year for the tech fans. we shouldn't forget that Samsung also launching there next flagship device "Galaxy S iv " in middle of next year with Exynos 5 series chipset and 2Ghz quad core processor. Lets wish Good luck to Nvidia and wait till CES on 8th of January.

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