Tuesday, May 1, 2012

iPhone Concepts with Flexible Screens

Flexible Display technology is already in the developing stage.we saw Samsung manage to make an AMOLED flexible screen two years ago.now i'm going to show you two concepts that based on the flexible screen technology.
The owner of the concepts is redskyline and he introduced the iPhone-Ace,a  handset with sliding formfactor and iPhone-Jocker,a smartphone with folding formfactor.

The specifications of the device is up to date and used the modern technical level.both models features flexible AMOLED screens made of Graphene and a good thermal conductivity.
Another great feature in the models is,there is a solar panel attached to the display and gives 30% of extra power save.iPhone-Jocker is capable of folding within outside screen.
The designer says that his concept gives a solution for heat radiation ,optical stability and more..the outer body is made of Aluminium and it works as a cooling fan and both smartphones using seamless technology. therefor economical cost will be reduced.
I love this kind of concepts,they always make dreams and hopes in our mind.When it comes to flexible displays the problem we face is the fragility.the same issue will remain in this concept.and it's confusing if Apple makes a iPhone with Samsung's AMOLED screen.both companies already filed cases for some issues.Lets see whether Apple is planing to make flexible Retina Screens.

News via Concept-Phones and blog.naver.com

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