Sunday, May 20, 2012

Race Bot for Nimbuzz Chat Rooms

Hi Nimbuzzers, Here is a tool to have fun in your chat room with a running race event.all you need is an admin id(not a chat room admin) for control the bot and another id for bot.

Type the bot id without in the "BOT ID" tab and type the password below and click login button so the bot can connect to the nimbuzz server.
Type the bots admin id also without in "BOT Admin ID" tab and type the chatroom name which you want to use the bot ,without at the end.then click the join button so the bot will join the room you have given in the "Chat Room Name" tab.

The bot follows the orders by admin only. only two commands are programmed for the bot.

.game rule : bot will tell the game rules
.start : start the race.

you can change the game settings  by the program as you like.every uses must type star (*) to participate the race and one * equals to 10m. 


NOTE : if you face any errors in opening the application,try updating Microsoft .Net Framework to the latest version.

Happy Nimbuzzing !

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