Monday, May 28, 2012

Love Bot For Nimbuzz Chat Rooms

Hi there nimbuzzers! Here's another bot for your Nimbuzz chat room.This time a bot ,that can calculate the love and hate between two people.not like the race bot i posted need of administrator ID needed to control the bot.
Type the bot ID in "BOT ID" tab without at the end.then type the bot ID password in the 'Password" tab.then click on login button.if you ID successfully connected to the Nimbuzz server,there will be a green colour notification saying login successful.
Then type the chat room name,which you like your bot ID to enter.make sure not to type at the on "Join Room" button,so the bot will enter the room.

Bot Command for Calculate Love

.love<space><First Persons Name><space><Second Persons Name>
example :- .love Sanjaya Rebeil

Bot Command For Calculate Hate

.flames<Space><First Persons Name><Space><Second Persons Name>
example :- .flames Sanjaya Cali

After having fun with Love "Leave Room" and "Logout"


NOTE : if you face any errors in opening the application,try updating Microsoft .Net Framework to the latest version.

Happy Nimbuzzing !

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