Friday, April 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Images leaked Before Launch Event?

Hey guys, i have some couple of interesting hot news to share with you.after numerous delays Samsung has finally announced their "Next Galaxy" launching event will going to held in London on 3rd of May.Well that's not one of those hot news i mentioned before.
We saw many leaked images with the label of Samsung Galaxy SIII but most are fake.but phoneArena guys managed to take a snap of the following image which is believed to be the real device.

If this is the real device,the front side looking is very simple. there are two capacitive buttons (menu button on left and back button on right) at the bottom with a home button. Some one might think,wether this is a dummy shell.but guys at phoneArena strongly believing in this image. It seems the device is  bit long with its huge screen.Now it's time for the next hot news.
Samsung did not use the word "Galaxy SIII" for their promo campaigns.they called it as the "Next Galaxy" but today Samsung accidentally  confirmed the name "Galaxy SIII". senior vice president of Samsung Mr.Robert Yi said "We are anticipating very strong demand of Galaxy SIII."

And here is the other news i got for you. GT-19300 was the flagship believed for Galaxy comes another leaked image of the product service  manual and GT-19300 is printed on it.check the sketch and the image i posted on top.same device right? so this might be the real device.

Some of the hardware specifications are printed on the image and all are similar to what we heard from rumors.Lets wait till next week to see the real device with real specifications.

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