Sunday, May 20, 2012

Motorola Bee Concept by JoyStudios

This is actually an old concept came out Q1 of last year. But i found out it looks interesting even it's kind of old and maybe there are people who didn't see this here it is ,Motorola Bee ,a smartphone which runs Android Honeycomb, probably the first Motorola concept to run Honeycomb OS.Motorola Bee is a creation of JoyStudios and it looks really alive and realistic.
 Bee device is bit similar to Motorola Atrix,you can see the formfactor and the back side design is so much similar to Atrix.the name "Bee" is used by creators,maybe due to it's Honeycomb OS.Bee features really good high end specs when compared to the other concepts rolled out last year.

JoyStudios gave a 4.3" 720p super AMOLED screen with multi touch technology.the processor is not mentioned but it has 32GB and 64GB internal storage versions.there is also a 8 Mega Pixel Camera with dual LED flash on the rear with 1080p video recording.on the front side,there is a 5 Mega Pixel camera for video conference.if you are not satisfied with the screen,you can use the micro HDMI port to bring your images and videos to a bigger screen.

Motorola Bee has the 3G+ support,don't forget this was an old concept,that's why 3G+ is can see the above images,the concept look really fantastic and take a look at the back side of Bee,there is a Finger print scanner on the top and a stereo speaker at the bottom.
Wi-fi,Bluetooth 3.0,GPS are some connectivity features in the device and Bee also compatible with HD multimedia dock and also with a Laptop dock.
I wonder why designers are not creating much Motorola Concepts.hoping to see some new ones in the future.

News via Concept Phones and joyStudios

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