Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nokia N1 Concept by deviantART

Have you ever dreamed that Nokia will teamed up with Google? Yes,before there were rumors ,but Nokia started a partnership with Microsoft to take both of their products to a high stand. Here is a Design by deviantART, Nokia N1,a handset powered by Android.
We know Android was already ported to Nokia N9 few months ago.and now the designer tries to show us how Nokia future handsets will look like. unfortunately this concept will be not implement in near future due to the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft.
The device features a 3.7 inch 720p clearblack screen and interesting to see Nokia pureview technology is integrated to the 41 Mega Pixel camera in Nokia N1.you can have the pure Google experience from the pre installed Android 4.0 ICS and love to see those capacitive buttons below on a Nokia Screen.
That's all i got for you about Nokia N1.nothing much to say about its hardware.the idea behind the concept is to show how it will be if Nokia team up with Google.

News via Concept Phones and deviantART

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