Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The New iPhone Concept by Toby Kick

Upcoming Apple iPhone became the target of many concept designers around the world. Rumors are spreading quickly for such a device as many users expecting totally different iPhone from Apple this year. We have seen some iPhone concepts before and most of them had 4inch or higher screen and liquid metal body. The concept now i'm going to share is also having the same features. Meet "The New iPhone" made in Germany.

The concept is a design of Toby Kick. He's the senior editor,3D artist and creative director of  the famous German website "iTopnews". I guess he used the name "The New iPhone" due to the name of the third generation iPad ("The New iPad")Apple had launched. But still people used to call it as iPad 3,so if Apple made the same naming to the upcoming iPhone,i'm pretty much sure people will call it as iPhone 5. So lets see whats cool in this concept.

Toby used all the rumors to made the design.he used a 4 inch Retina OLED screen,which is really cool. Apple should make the screen bigger this time to give a good competition to other Smartphones,specially to Samsung Galaxy S III. Maybe it wont be just a rumor. I have seen in the news Apple is testing a 4" screen in the labs couple of days ago. So if you are one of Apple fans,you can dream for a big screen.The dimensions of the device 115.2mm x 58.6mm x 7.1mm will make it the slimmest iPhone ever.
We are dealing with an Aluminium body here. There is a small Aluminium frame around the device and the backside is made with Aluminium and finalized using piano lacquer which gives a stunning shine to the back cover.

The New iPhone features iOS 6.0,specially optimized for the bigger screen.We can see five app columns and a notification bar at the top with weather information. Bigger screen offers an extra space for the app icons. As you can see, there are five app icons at the bottom from Phone to Music. Concept also supports 4G LTE and a new home screen indicator with Swipe to Siri. According to Toby, a Dock connector with 30 pins should remain in the next iPhone.
The Hardware specs of the device is not mentioned but guess it will have a Quad Core processor with great GPU. Love to see super fine graphics on a 4" Retina OLED screen. So what do you think about the concept? Feel free to comment.

News via iTopnews

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