Saturday, March 31, 2012

iPod Nano Touch Concept by Enrico Penello

Here is a brand new design for the Apple iPod nano touch by Enrico.It's a fresh concept as you can see,the device redesigned longer and added some smart features.

nano touch concept features facetime supporting front camera,WiFi,Nike+ exercise app,radio, multi-touch capability,weather and much more useful apps.the on/off button is located top of the device and volume controlling buttons are side of the iPod.

Back side is little bit bulky due to the clip with Apple logo on it and the WiFi antenna located down of back side.we can see the home button is there,which is good.nano iPod didn't had a home button before.
the width of the device is similar to the width of the connector cable which means its pocket friendly.well! long pockets i mean.this iPod is lengthy,so you must have a long pocket.

News via Concept Phone

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