Monday, March 5, 2012

How to select the best Security protection for your Mobile

Have you give importance to Security on your Mobile? "virus" when we hear this word ,only thing comes to our mind is PC virus or a virus guard.but the word "virus" already dominated the Mobile platforms.the situation is not like before,Mobile usage is increasing day by day as well as the security risk

in this article i'm going to talk about the ways our Mobile get in to a risk and tips to prevent from the security issues.

Mobile Phone viruses are specially designed by experts who knows the each and every corner of a Mobile OS.and since mobile phones are now Internet capable this opens up the possibility of increase the spread of Viruses

How come a Virus get in to our Mobile and how to prevent the infection?

From Bluetooth.-- Its the most common way to get a virus to the device.make sure to turn off your Bluetooth if you are not using it. 
From Sharing Memory Card--Avoid sharing your Memory card with other Mobile users unless there device is protected by a Security Software.
From Internet--install a firewall to your device. don't let unknown plugins to install on the divice.make sure to use a latest web browser with security features.
From connecting to a Computer--If the computer which we are going to connect is unsafe,means no security software installed,there is a possibility of transmitting a virus in to your avoid connect unless its Protected.
From Installing Apps--always install trusted apps,with a known publisher.

The best way to Avoid all these issues is by installing a Virus guard with latest features.but the problem is which virus guard?there are many security software out there with different features.before installing a virus guard we must look for the features of's a common question my friends asking from me,which virus guard should i install. in fact not only for my friends,its a confusing question for all Mobile users.


  • Virus guard with latest database updated
  • Built in Firewall
  • Cloud scanning for Apps
  • Powerful search engine with Capable of scanning System Cache,Apps and Messages
  • Installation Files Scanner
  • Capable of Blocking Apps to connect internet.
  • Capable of Blocking start-up Apps
  • Capable of Closing non-System Apps
  • Link scanner for Messages and for Browser
  • Data back-up Capability
  • Anti-theft(Anti-lost) features including GPS tracking,remort tracking,SIM card change notifications
  •  Parental controls
  • System Optimization Utilities including system junk files,temporary files,spam cleaning
  • Call filter(Black/White lists)
  • Web Monitor
  • Features to protect Online banking connections
give your importance to the facts above when you selecting a security software.Virus protection for your mobile device is becoming a ‘must have’. In addition the protection from mobile providers you can avoid viruses and other security risks by adding your own precautionary measures as well. 

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