Saturday, March 3, 2012

iPad 3 Concept by Aatma Studios

iPad 3 or iPad 2 HD will be announced next week on 7th of March.but after reading the news which i'm about to say you guys, i started to dreaming even further than the retina display based iPad 3.ok then lets see what is this curious news is.
Aatma Studio has designed a futuristic iPad concept which use a Bazel-Free display and internal magnets to collide with other iPads,use of NFC(Near Field Communication) these colliding can make a bigger device.

It's been years now people talking talking about Bazel-Free screens but till now no one able put their hand in making or something.i guess Samsung or Apple will look forward to work with Bazel-Free screens.the problem is even if some one able to produce it,cant say how fragile it would be,as part of screen on both sides always contacting with other surfaces.

following video will show you how NFC work on Colliding Edge to Edge Screen.

This is the coolest iPad concept i have ever seen.specially the idea of colliding iPads and making a bigger screen..Hmm !! if Aatma Studio make an iPhone 5 concept,they may give the same feature,which we can collide few(maybe 4) iPhones and make an iPad.Any ways hope we can see a real iPad like this in future.

News via Aatma Studio

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