Saturday, March 3, 2012

Max Payne for Mobile devices is Coming Soon

Great news for Mobile gamers out there.Rockstar games confirmed that they will release the Max Payne game for iOS and Android platform. they announced this great news while giving a review on upcoming Max Payne 3

news about Max Payne Mobile game came through a Question & Answer event held by Rockstar games on there web site.a fan asked will there be a mobile version of max? the answer for that question was simple.Rockstar officials replied "yes, its on the way" .

we know Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto III for Android and i OS last  year,as they got success, now Rockstar going to release Max Payne with successive expectation.

Rockstar will have an official announcement soon confirming the release date and other fans can ask there all questions.this going to be HIT!! HD textures and bullet-time combos,cant wait till the release.

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