Friday, March 30, 2012

Samsung Add Eye Blink Feature & Face Unlock Feature to Galaxy S

face unlock was a key feature in Android 4.0 ICS,but even Google admits that its not the best way to lock your device ,because it will unlock for a photograph of the improve more security Samsung now introduced eye blink detection feature for Android ICS.

this is a bit hard to fool ,not like Google Face unlock,but still you can unlock with a Blinking eye GIF image of the user.well i'm not sure about that,just guessed.Samsung added Face Unlock to the Galaxy S with its Value Pack update

Samsung added Face Unlock with Blink eye detection to the Galaxy S with a Value Pack update released 2 days ago.right now the feature is only for Galaxy S,which is kinda disappointing to other Samsung users.but hope it will be available for other devices in near future.
the idea here is by blinking ,proving a real user is trying to unlock.but i still doubt whether it can unlock with a GIF image.

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