Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hands-On with Mozilla Boot2Gecko

When latest Hardware introduce to the Mobile world,We need Softwares as well.That's why Mozilla foundation has introduced Boot2Gecko Platform to's a cloud based Open-source Mobile Operating system and expected to be perform well on latest Hardware.

Boot2Gecko is using the latest open web standards for its applications, means that apps written for it will be compatible with just about any smartphone running the OS, or even every device with an HTML5-enabled browser. And other fact is that even though the OS itself is cloud-based, you might still use your phone offline and even run apps and games on it – offline caching is a technology already supported by the web standards.

The architecture of B2G consists of three layers:

1)Gonk - a HAL reusing low level Android components such as the Linux kernel and libusb
2)Gecko - Firefox and Firefox Mobile’s layout engine
3)Gaia – a collection of web apps representing the user interface.

Mozilla team at MWC had the platform installed in a Samsung Galaxy Sll.lets see how the GUI looks like.

Mozilla actually planing to release the OS with a completely different Device.i mean not much featured like a Galaxy Sll.Mozilla aim is to produce an ultra-cheap smartphone, powered by a 600 MHz CPU and packing just 256MB of RAM. That's why Mozilla partners with Telefonica on a Boot to Gecko running phone.
Both companies are working to create the first batch of Open Web Devices, which will be running the Boot to Gecko OS – using an HTML5+JavaScript layer on top of a Linux kernel. As a result, web interfaces will not only be richer, but they’ll be extremely customizable.

check the Hands-On video of Boot2Gecko done by GSM Arena guys.

Cool right? hope this will be a successive OS.

for more information go to
Mozilla wikia B2G page

news via GSM Arena and Mobile burn

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