Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Introducing Google Play to restore Android Market and more

This is the latest news from Google, time to say Good Bye to Android market as the new Google Play arrives.This is a effort by Google to unify there multimedia in to a single place.this will be more easy for users to do there multimedia browsing with Google.

Starting today all the multimedia services of Google will be re branded under the name "Google Play".it combines all their Apps,Music,Movies and Books.the other great thing about this is Google play gives you one stop Shopping  for both Desktop and Android users.

The Android Market will changed to Play Store,Music will be Play Music ,Movies changed to play Movies and Books changed to Play Books.According to Google Engineering Director Chris Yerga,Google has trying to re brand the Android market and make a new Multimedia Hub for quite time.even the name "Android Market" doesn't let us feel that it gives other services like music purchasing,renting movies and stuff with e-books.So what Google done here is simply Awesome.
If you are an Android user(if you have Android 2.2 Froyo or newer), don't need to worry because your Android Market will be automatically updated to Google play within couple of days.for desktop users simply visit

Check out the cool video of Introducing Google Play

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