Sunday, March 11, 2012

Siine Keyboard for Android

There are lots of third-party applications for Android,but for screen keyboard there is a lack of a good third-party app to replace. But now there is a great solution to save your time and energy by Siine Keyboard which also has lots of shortcuts.

what makes Siine keyboard so impressive?

Siine keyboard includes lots of shortcut keys which assigned to common typed phrases.the keyboard is full of icons which containing a phrase.this makes your time saved.just click the icons and the phrases in it automatically typed in typing screen.another advantage is that you can customize these icons with phrases you want.
When we type a date and time to a message in mobile,we have to type it full.but with Siine Keyboard you can easily enter the time&date by clicking the clock icon and selecting the time & date format we like.
One of  most improved feature in Siine keyboard is the "sexy Delete" feature..we can press the delete button and swipe through the text we want to delete instead of press and hold the delete button.
Siine keyboard loaded with some cool emoticons you can use when texting.and you can make your own cool is that???

some other features in Sinne keyboard is it has a  Stress Message screen for when you if you in a  in a hurry. Text “Sorry, can’t talk now. Call you right back” with only a couple taps on the keyboard. and Slang Sets, Get cool add-on slang sets such as Street, Aussie and Flirting.
The Siine keyboard has been designed with Google’s new "Holo theme" that they use in Android 4.0 ICS so it will look perfect at home on your Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus S.

the keyboard is free, you can download it from Google Play Store by clicking HERE


UPDATED: March 7, 2012
SIZE : 5.5MB

Check out the tutorial video of the Siine keyboard

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