Friday, March 30, 2012

Intel To Release 22nm Ivy Bridge processors on 29th of April

Intel has finally set a release date for their upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge Processors after number of report the Mobile Ivy Bridge processors also to be released on the same day with desktop processors.Ivy Bridge Processors are said to be fast and high performing processors.
The processor gives an enhanced media and graphic can see the other features of the processor on the image below.

Ivy Bridge architecture is using 3D transistors. less power consumption of 17W is another feature of Ivy Bridge processors. built in GPU can deliver a great graphic performance.All the new Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors are quad core processors.
the prices of the processors already leaked.Base model of i5 processor (i5-3450) will cost around 185 US $ while the i7 3920XM will cost around 1100 US $
the new 22nm Ivy Bridge processors seems fit well for Apple MacBook pros.I'm sure Apple will ship configurations,close to end of April.

News via GSMArena

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