Friday, March 9, 2012

Microsoft to shut down Windows Mobile 6.x Market Place

Time to say Good Bye to Windows Mobile Platform.but how come??Because Microsoft is about to Shutdown the Market place for Windows Mobile 6.x on May 9.So closing an Application store of an Operating system means it's the end of that OS.

Windows Mobile 6.x users will no longer be able to download or update their smartphone's applications from the Market Place after 9th of May.Microsoft is recommending users to download the updates of apps before the date of shutting down.Microsoft will focus on Market Place of Windows Phone.

Decision to shut down the store service is right thing to do as there are few users out of Windows Phone Handsets have been better than Windows Mobile products.time for them to jump in to a more Advanced mobile Platform.Microsoft is now working on there next Windows Phone version code name"Apollo".

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