Saturday, March 24, 2012

Angry Birds Space Released !!!!!!!

Angry Birds game passed another milestone by releasing it's next edition game "Angry Birds Space". Rovio released the game yesterday for Android,iOS ,Windows and mac.the user feedback was really good.specially they like the features combined with physics.

the game already crossed the 700 million downloads and the downloads still have 6 birds to play the game and all are the same in the previous games except one new bird but more cool and modified.the new bird is capable of turning the stone structures to ice once it hits.

Samsung and Rovio are partnering for this as a result Samsung owners got some advantages such as a 30 level map pack and a specially designed level for Galaxy note.the game gives you a much more entertainment than previous version with zero gravity effects added by space physics.
there are lot of planets and asteroids in the game with a atmosphere around(see the screenshot) which gives a additional gravitational pull to the bird.
the sound effects of the game is pretty good.the soundtracks for space scenes has echos and full of wonders.and the pigs are snoring more than the previous game which really makes user to feel kick them out for good.

there is a good news for Windows phone users as well, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed confirmed that Angry Birds Space Windows Phone version is already under WP users have something to smile of if they are fans of this game.

here is the trailer of the new bird in Angry Birds Space

check out the new video released by Rovio
list of price
 Angry Birds Space for iPad users – $2.99
 Angry Birds Space for iPhone and iPod users – $0.99
 Angry Birds Space for Android users – Free!

keep in your mind! if you use the physics well,it will be easy to wipe out the annoying pigs.

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