Sunday, March 18, 2012

12 tips for mobile security

If you have a mobile device, don't forget that you can get in to trouble the world gets mobilized technology,the risk of mobile security gets increased. Here i'm telling you 12 tips to Protect you from some common threats regarding you Mobile.
  • Decide a password which no one could guess easily.  Include special characters like ß,ä,ü,!,&,#,$, etc and numbers. remember to Change your passwords once a week.
  • Always try to use just one credit card for all mobile purchases via Internet.
  • Never make purchases on your mobile in public places or through a public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Always keep your phone locked when you out of reach your Mobile or when you about to leave it.
  • Check online Reviews by trusted and safe sites and with friends to find out if the app you want to download has been a malicious App.
  • Always download  manufacturer’s updates to your device.
  • Don’t let your device to record anything you don’t want.
  • Don't download any uninvited app or unknown Plug-ins respond to any unknown texts or mails or ads.
  • Always read Terms of Service and Permission Agreement screens when you installing a software.
  • Always make financial transactions on secured,trusted sites.
  • Don’t provide lots of personal data on social media sites.
  • Download the best security application which includes anti theft,anti-virus,anti-malware,cloud scanning etc...
by sanjaya kanishka