Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Surveillance Camera Demo

Nokia developer has been released the Surveillance Camera for both Symbian and Windows Phone as a demonstration of the LIVE notification API between the two systems.

the application for Windows Phone has been developed using Ms.Silverlight and Symbian application has been developed using Nokia Qt.In this demonstration, Nokia has set a  Windows phone with a notification service that sends an alert that is received by the Symbian device via the Real Time notification API.
 The Application in Windows Phone uses the  Notifications Service API to send push notifications to the Symbian device and the Symbian App(Qt) uses the  Notifications Client API.you can see the above picture and try to understand how the notification system works.

check out the screenshots.

The source code of the Application is available in Nokia developer website. click HERE to visit the App page.

Nokia E7-00 (Anna)
Nokia N8-00 (Belle)
Nokia Lumia 800

check the demonstration video done by Nokia developer

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