Monday, April 2, 2012

"April Fool" hits Mobile world : See what are the April fool pranks happened in mobile world

There were number of April Fool pranks came up yesterday,yes the 1st of April. Today i'm going to post what are the mobile technology related April Fool pranks happened yesterday. This time Nokia,Google and some other tech companies really fooled there fans. Lets see how they did that.

1) Nokia Ice

Nokia Announced a new device which made from frozen ice.the idea is to reduce material cost and environmental impact.

The screen inside the frozen H2O exterior is made up with graphene(nokia's future super material) and a stretchable electronic skin.

you can charge the device by putting it in a deep freezer.Nokia use the endothermic reaction technology for the charging which captures cold only.

after hours of the announcement Nokia posted the image with April Fool tag.

2) Shapes by Toshiba

Toshiba Announced three new Tablets with brand new designs and shapes. Oblong tablet with an oval shape, Rhombus tablet with a convex quadrilateral like shape and Amore tablet with a heart shape.
check out the pranks official tv commercial down here.

yup you can see the DJ is playing "April Fool" disk.

3) Swift key Mono

 The popular third party keyboard makers for Android,Swift Key has introduced the worlds longest space bar.
With there new app you don't need a full keyboard to type what you want. all you  need is a accurate prediction software and a long space bar.
well played swift key!!

4) O2 on & on

Good news for the people who get always angry due to the poor battery life of their phones.O2  has announced a device with GHz processor,8MP camera,3.5" LCD and a stunning battery life of 1,000 hours of talk time and 92 days of standby mode.
i don't think this is pocket friendly.see the bulky design of it's back.but when having a battery like that,surely the device get more bulky.

5) Google Maps 8bit version for NES

Google has announced a 8-bit version of Google Maps for old Nintendo NES console. Google designed a special cartridge with dial-up internet connectivity which allows the cartridge to connect Google servers. It's funny how they advice to fix the bugs if its not work properly.just blow the dust for debugging.check out the video released by Google.

6) YouTube Collection

Want all the videos in you tube? here is the best way to get you can get offline DVDs of youtube videos.

 Videos delivered in giant packages, organised and separated into categories.

nice prank!

there are some more pranks from Google,and still counting.

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