Monday, March 5, 2012

Installing Android 4.0 ICS in VirtualBox

In my previous article about Android 4.0 ICS x86 RC version ,i told you guys i will post about the installation on VirtualBox and here it is.if you didn't read my previous Article about Android 4.0 ICS x86 click the following link.


  • 1st of all you have to download the virtual box if you don't have it. select your OS and download the specific version from HERE
  • then download the Android 4.0 RC1 ISO file from Google can visit the download page by clicking HERE
  • finally you need a host machine with at least 1GB of RAM to spare.

that's all.Now lets go for the installation.

  • Open Virtualbox, create a new virtual machine, select "Linux" as Operating System, and "Other Linux" as the version.
  • Set the base memory to 1000MB,512MB will work either
  • Press next all the way to finish the creation
  • Go into settings for the virtual machine, and put the downloaded iso into the “cd-tray”

  • Start  the virtual machine, and press Install android-x86 to hard disk
  • Go to Create/modify partitions, new, primary, just use the default size, then click on bootable to set the bootable flah on the partition. Click Write, type yes, and then hit Enter. And Quit.
  • We have now created the partition to use, and you can see the following screen :

  • Select the sda1 Linux partition, and click ok. Choose "ext3" as filesystem, and click ok.
  • When asked if you want to do a format, select yes, also say yes to installing grub, but no to install /system as read-write.
  • turn off the mouse capturing in the virtual machines window

  • select run Android-x86,then it will boot and you can see the following screen
  • To be able to get rid of the mouse from the capturing (if you have clicked inside the virtual machine), press your right "CTRL" key on keyboard.
  • If you stuck while booting, click Machine -> ACPI Shutdown.
  • Android 4.0 then made a jump to the welcome screen
  • if it's asked you to wanted to power off the device, select Cancel, and continued through the welcome setup.

  • that's it finally yo can go through setup and go to the Home screen and get Android 4.0 desktop :)

check out the video of Android 4.0 ICS installing on Ubuntu system via Virtual box

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