Saturday, March 24, 2012

The New iPhone by ADR Studio

ADR studio brings a new super cool iPhone 5 concept just like the other eye catching designs.Apple is planning to launch the iPhone 5 on Q2 2012,and ADR studio already introduced their new design.this is a stunning design and looks like real due to its form factor.
 A concept that Apple has been working for a while is SIM free device.and ADR studio give the feature to the new iPhone 5.when it comes to the naming ,my idea is ADR might thought that the next iPhone will be named as "the new iPhone" there was a reason for it,as we all know Apple has named there iPad which launched couple of weeks ago as "the new iPad".
the device has a brand new Audio system. there are two panel speaker at behind of the device as you can see in the above image.the device is capable of  4G LTE even without running a SIM.and it can grab the data directly from a network.the new iPad gave priority for the screen,and here,ADR also gave priority to the screen of the device.the new iPhone has a 3 layers of screens,which means 3 retina displays.with one at bottom for app dock and multitasking options ,other one in middle as the main screen and the 3rd one on the top for notifications and rest of info.
you can see the home button is now integrated to the bottom retina display.many users want this to happen.they expect the change in the new iPad but still apple didn't remove the home button from the body of devices. Also there is a LED powered edge which used to show the battery life.the display is surely more than 4 inches. maybe 4.6" as the rumors say.and the processor should be a Quad-Core unit.
this device might have a iSight camera with a 8 or 12 Mega pixel sensor.the device will run iOS 6.0

here are the images of the new iPhone 5 by ADR studio.

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