Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nokia Ovi Share will be shutdown on 30th May

If you uploaded any content on Ovi share,its time to get them back Nokia says the closing of this Ovi share service was a business decision and will focus on Windows Phone.bad days for Symbian maybe just started.anything refer to Symbian these days, Nokia will slowly begin winding down and eventually shutting down related services.

Ovi users wont be able to upload any content past 13th of March. And by the end of May downloads will be disabled.means service totally shuted down.My idea is Symbian will get a SkyDrive app to replace the sharing service.

  • So be hurry go to your Ovi Share account ----->Ovishare.com
  • Go to "Download your Media Library" and click "Download Now"
  • read the instructions carefully.Nokia will let you to download your files as Zip archives or in parts.

News via Ovi Share

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