Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toshiba Announces Three New Excite Tablets

Remember the April fool prank by Toshiba? three new tablets with weird shapes ? well,when i saw these new tablets, i remember the screen colors of the tablets in April fool prank.all are same expect one is Blue. Just as i thought, it was more than a's a hint about there upcoming tablets.
Toshiba finally announces three new tablets to follow the Excite series. we already saw them at MWC held in February,but that time it was not officially announced.
Toshiba announces a 7.7" AMOLED tablet and two ultra thin 10.1" and 13.3" the specifications of the tablets below.

1) Excite 7.7
device features a 7.7" AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1280x800,nVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor,1GB RAM,Gorilla glass,5 Mega Pixel rear camera and a 2 Mega Pixel front facing camera. Excite 7.7Also has a microSD card slot and internal storage of 16GB and 32GB,0.3" thickness and 13.4 ounce of weight.device will run Android 4.0 ICS.Excite 7.7 is expected to release in June with a price tag of 500$

2) Excite 10
Excite 10 features a 10.1" LCD screen  with a 1280x800 resolution. powered by a Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. One great feature of Excite 10 is,10 finger multi-touch support. The device has a  weight of 1.32 pounds. Not like in Excite 7.7, this tablet has a full size SD card slot,a Micro HDMI port and a micro USB port and a 10 hour battery life,internal storage of 16GB,32GB and 64GB.tablet is expected to release on May for 450$

3)Excite 13
Just like in two other Excite tablets,the Excite 13 also features a Tegra 3 quad-core processor,1GB RAM.this tablet holds the highest resolution in the Excite family with a 13.3" LCD screen(1600x900). Excite 13 has a 5 Mega Pixel rear camera and 2 Mega Pixel front facing camera,four internal speakers and SD card slot.the battery life of the device is listed as 13 hours.this tablet will cost nearly 650$ and expected to release in June.

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