Saturday, April 7, 2012

Google Project Glass : The Future of Vision

Google had been working for the vision glass concept for years and finally they able to come up with a real pair of glasses that show digital vision on your eye sight. The technology here used is known as "Argument Reality"

Projector glass is capable of taking signals from a Google Android device and project it to the head mounted display.It's so cool to use. if you want to know the weather info just look at the sky for few seconds and the weather info will display in your eye sight.

                       Sergey Brin,the Google-co founder seen wearing a project glass this week.

The project glasses maybe actually focus on a single eye in the end and it will include a camera, which allows you to take pictures, do voice commands, videocall people, Google+ and Google maps are integrated to the project Glass.
You can use Argument Reality technology to search stuff and find locations real time.and there also a notification area in the corner of eye sight.

check out the promo video released by Google for Project Glass

eager to see how Apple response to Google Glass. 

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