Sunday, April 8, 2012

Max Payne Mobile to hit iOS on April 12 and Android on 26

If you are a fan of the good old Max Payne game,here is a good news.Rockstar Games has announced the release dates of Max Payne Mobile. According to Rockstar ,the Game will first release for iOS on 12th April and then for Android on 26th of April. Bad luck for Android users this time.usually they got the chance to taste the games that Rckstar released.
The developers promise the “full classic Max Payne PC experience” on your handset. I think they were right.just look at the screenshots of the game, Rockstar post on there website.

The Game will include HD Graphic support, high-resolution textures and customizable touch controls and Rockstar Club connectivity. Also there is a extra feature for Android users.Android version will roll out with wireless controller support.
Smartphones and Tablets from iPhone 3GS which running iOS will be compatible to run the game.
Android supporting list is not yet confirmed. rumors based on GTA mobile release says that the price of the game will be less than 10$

News via Phandroid
source :  Rockstar Games

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